Prepayment meter customers in line for compensation after British Gas scandal

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BULLY-BOY energy firms that forced customers to have prepayment meters have 48 hours to say how much compensation they will dole out – or face consequences.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps has issued the ultimatum as he vows to crack down on the scandal.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps vows to crack down on the scandal

It comes after reports revealed British Gas sent debt collectors to break into customers’ homes to force them to have the pay-as-you-go meters put in.

Families who cannot afford to top up have their heating cut off.

Ofgem has banned energy giants from forcing the meters on customers following a national outcry.

Mr Shapps has said energy companies have until Tuesday to say what they have done to help customers who had the metres imposed on them.

This can include spelling out how much compensation they are paying.

Those who miss the deadline will be hauled into Whitehall for a dressing down.

He said: “I am appalled that vulnerable customers struggling with their energy bills have had their homes invaded and prepayment metres installed when there is a clear duty on suppliers to provide them with support.

“They need to refocus their efforts on their consumers, the British public, who are at the receiving end of this abhorrent behaviour.

“I’m also concerned the regulator is too easily having the wool pulled over their eyes by taking at face value what energy companies are telling them.

“They need to also listen to customers to make sure this treatment of vulnerable consumers doesn’t happen again.”

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