Primark shoppers in frenzy over £4 winter must-have


Shoppers at Primark are rushing to get their hands on a cosy winter essential that is scanning for only £4. The double snuddie, a big pink garment covered in white love hearts, has become a sensation among customers looking to stay warm without breaking the bank.

Save on heating bills

The snuddie, designed for two people to wear at the same time, has become a popular item not only for its fashion appeal but also for its potential to help save on heating bills. With two hoods and one arm each, the snuddie guarantees infinite laughter and warmth.

Huge discount

Normally priced at £26, the snuddie is currently on sale for just £4, making it a steal for shoppers. One customer discovered the massive price reduction when the item scanned at the tills for only £4, much to their surprise and delight.

Excitement and demand

The news of the discounted snuddie has sparked excitement among fans of the product. Many took to social media to plead with their friends and partners to buy them one, highlighting its appeal as a cozy accessory for activities like watching Love Island. Some customers even mentioned using the snuddie as a Valentine's Day gift.

Other winter essentials

If you're looking to stay warm this winter, there are other winter essentials available on the high street. The Silentnight thermal mattress cover has been praised for its ability to keep people warm all night, while a scarf from Uniqlo's Heattech range is a must-have for the colder season.

Beating winter costs

As temperatures drop and heating bills rise, households can take advantage of new bank payments designed to help alleviate the financial burden. Cold weather payments and the Warm Home Discount are among the options available to assist with the rising costs of winter.

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