PS5 stock: thousands QUEUE to get onto Curry’s website as restocks PlayStation 5 consoles


THOUSANDS of gaming fans are queuing to get onto Curry PC World’s website this morning as it restocks Playstation 5 consoles.

The overwhelming demand has seen as many as 150,000 shoppers waiting to get access to the website.

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Thousands of gaming fans are queuing to get onto Curry PC World’s website this morning

It comes after the console also crashed websites including Tesco, John Lewis and GAME in November.

One customer said on Twitter this morning: “I guess finally I managed to order a #PS5 for tomorrow from @curryspcworld drop.

“I can’t imagine how fast those bot works. After less than a sec I was 78000 person in Q.”

While another added: “Literally I was in the Currys queue about to get the ps5 then it says error and now i’m in a queue with 79,000 people.

“I’ve been up till 6:50 am I give up with GAME, Smyths and Currys. My last hopes are Argos and Amazon.”

And a third added: “Currys have ps5 in stock but there’s about 50 thousand people in the queue good luck to you all @PlayStationUK @curryspcworld.”

While a fourth vented on Twitter: “I’m so over this whole ps5 fiasco. There needs to be a better way of distributing available units.

” I was on Curry’s at 6.30am, no sign of ps5. 1hr later I’m 65k deep in a queue. It’s ridiculous.”

A message on the Currys website says it “now has limited PS5 stock”, but it’s unclear whether the consoles are still available.

HOAR has contacted the retailer for comment.

It comes after Amazon shoppers were left furious in November after the e-commerce giant “removed” the new PlayStation 5 from their baskets.

Sony launched two versions of the PlayStation 5 in the UK and Europe on November 19, following the consoles’ release in the US a week earlier.

The full PS5 costs £449, while a Digital Edition without a disc tray is priced at £359.

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