Shopper Spends £500 at Poundland and Reveals Latest Bargains


Popular Retailer Continues to Surprise with New Decorations

A dedicated Poundland shopper has once again hit the jackpot with the latest offerings from the discount retailer. Liyana Leena from Birmingham recently shared her huge haul on her YouTube channel, giving viewers a sneak peek at the adorable autumn-themed decorations now available in-store.

A Massive Purchase

Liyana first made headlines when she spent a staggering £491.60 in a single trip to Poundland, leaving staff astonished. Since then, she has become an internet sensation, gaining over 14k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Autumn Delights

In her latest video, Liyana showcased her favorite items from her recent shopping spree. She raved about an oven glove adorned with a cute pumpkin print, commenting on its high-quality design and surprising appearance in a discount store.

She also couldn't resist picking up pumpkin-inspired string lights in gold and a velvet decoration shaped like a mini pumpkin. Liyana even snagged some drinking jars with a straw, perfect for autumn-inspired beverages like homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Halloween Party Essentials

Poundland has not forgotten about Halloween enthusiasts. The store now offers a "Pin The Hat On the Pumpkin" game and stick-on Flying Bats perfect for decorating your home. Other must-have items include paper pumpkins, a massive pumpkin balloon, Halloween-themed paper plates, and various masks.

More to Come

Liyana revealed that Poundland will soon be releasing a second autumn range, so shoppers can expect even more decorations and party essentials in the near future. Fans of the bargain retailer were delighted with the selection and eagerly commented on Liyana's video.

If you're looking to spruce up your home for the autumn season or get Halloween party supplies at unbeatable prices, Poundland is the place to go.

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