Simple household item could shave £45 a year off your energy bills

Young frozen woman in hat covered with grey plaid puts on scarf sitting on modern sofa in cold room during turning off home heating.

MILLIONS of households are trying to save money on soaring energy bills – a simple household item could shave £45 off costs per year.

Keeping cold air out and hot air in with a draught excluder could help save you money this winter, when costs are set to soar.

Draught excluding your home properly could save £45 a year on your energy bills

Energy bills are set to rocket to £3,549 on average a year from October 1 when the new price cap comes into force.

That marks an eye-watering 80% rise to costs, leaving millions concerned about how they will be able to afford the hikes.

There’s not much you can do to buffer yourself against soaring prices, but you can cut your energy usage and save on bills.

Using a draught excluder is one way to cut the amount of energy you’re using.

Placing draught excluders around windows and doors could save you £45 a year, because keeping chills out will keep your house warmer.

That means you’re less likely to use your heating as much – saving you money on your bill.

Draught excluders can cost as little as a fiver, but you can also buy special draught excluding tape from £2.89 on Amazon.

But for those on a budget, you can use old towels, blankets and even old socks and tights to plug any gaps.

How else can I save money on bills?

There are a number of cheap and easy ways to heat your home – and save money on your bills.

A cheap way of putting on the heating is by only turning the radiators on in the rooms you are using.

How much you can save from this varies on a number of factors, such as how big your house is for example.

But savvy saver Scott Dixon told HOAR that he’s saved £490 from just turning the heating on in his lounge – and turning his other radiators off.

A classic money saving energy bill trick is to turn your thermostat down by one degree.

This can shave as much as £100 off your bill.

If you’re tempted to turn it up a notch when the weather turns, reach for a jumper instead to avoid a bill sting.

Putting foil behind your radiator could save you £20 a year, according to British Gas engineer Joanna Flowers.

Instead of your radiator blowing hot air at the wall, if you put the foil behind the radiator, it will reflect it and more hot air will be circulated around your home.

Energy suppliers offer cash grants to those hardest hit by bills rises.

The British Gas hardship fund can give you up to £1,500 free cash towards bills.

You can get £150 off your energy bills with the Warm Home Discount scheme.

While when temperatures plummet, those in low income households can get a £25 Cold Weather payment.

If you’re worried about falling behind on bills or if you’re in debt. there are plenty of organisations where you can get free advice, including:

  • National Debtline – 0808 808 4000
  • Step Change – 0800 138 1111
  • Citizens Advice – 0808 800 9060