Superdrug shoppers rush to buy £5 dupe of designer perfume that costs £90

Epsom Surrey UK, February 27 2022, Superdrug Retail Chain Shop Front With Logo And No People

SUPERDRUG fans have spotted a fantastic perfume dupe that costs £5, compared to £90.

Shoppers are rushing to grab a bottle of Layering Lab Paradise EDT, which costs £5.32 per 100ml.

Superdrug is selling a bargain beauty dupe for £85 less than designer version

Superdrug, which is perfect for bargain beauty dupes, describes the scent on its website as having a “burst of tangerine and whisk vanilla” to “whisk you away to a far-flung paradise”.

Shoppers have been praising the bottle in the comment section, writing: “If I could give it more stars I would, new favourite scent, stocking up!!”

Another mused: “Its worth the money I will be buying more, thank you”.

And one more said: “Smells nice. For the price, I wasn’t disappointed.”

It’s down from £7.99, but you’ll need to factor in delivery costs if you order online.

This may set you back another £5.50 but could cost more if you live far away.

Remember to use the store locator tool on its website if you’d rather visit your closest branch.

But it might be best to call up in advance in case they have no more left in stock.

It’s been described as something very similar to that of Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa, with one fan commenting: “Love this, fresh, fruity and gorgeous smell, very similar to my Paco Olympea perfume.”

In comparison, you’ll get 80ml of Olympéa Eau de Parfum from Superdrug for £90, which is £85 more expensive.

And keep in mind this is less than the 100ml you get of Layering Lab Paradise.

If you want 100ml of Olympéa, it’ll still cost £85.50 from Boots.

We also spotted 100ml of Layering Lab Eau De Toilette Blossom from Superdrug, which is the dupe for Paco Rabanne Olympéa Blossom.

The Superdrug version still costs £5.32, while the designer bottle will set you back at least £71 for 50ml from the same store.

Remember to always scout around for the best deals if you’ve spotted one – there may be better bargains floating around that you haven’t noticed.

You can use comparison tools like the Latest Deals app or Google shopping which will show you prices of a product from different shops.

For example, we’ve also seen Inspired By Lady Million – 27, 30ml, from The Essence Vault Fragrances, which costs £15.95.

One fan said: “Smells exactly like Lady Million, a perfume I cannot live without.

“This is just a fraction of the price and lasts just as long as the original. It’s a must have for me!!”

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum 30ML costs £42 from Superdrug, and £53 from Boots.

If you want 80ml from Superdrug, you’ll need to fork out £90.