Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s shoppers furious as delivery orders CANCELLED due to snow


SUPERMARKET shoppers have been left furious after Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s cancelled delivery orders due to snow.

Scores of shoppers with delivery slots have been told their food is no longer coming and that re-deliveries aren’t available until 2021.

Supermarkets including Asda have cancelled delivery orders due to the recent snow across the UK

It’s left self-isolating families and vulnerable households without essentials ahead of the New Year.

The delivery chaos comes as the UK is bracing for six inches of snow before New Year’s Day, with most areas slapped with yellow weather warnings.

The Met Office’s snow and ice warnings came just hours after Storm Bella battered the country.

The weather conditions have affected online grocery shoppers, who’ve vented about their cancelled orders on Twitter in recent days.

One Sainsbury’s shopper said: “@sainsburys just had a phonecall to say my order is canceled due to snow.

“Have been told to rebook and the next slot is on Sunday!

“I am clinically extremely vulnerable and rely on a weekly delivery for everything. I am not able to leave the house.”

While a Tesco customer added: “@Tesco so you’ve cancelled the shop I’d booked for this evening, and said to select a new slot…for when, exactly?

“There ARE no slots, hence me booking three weeks’ ago. I have a two year old daughter and am isolating. What do you suggest?”

And a second wrote: “When did we become such a soft society? @Tesco
has just cancelled our shopping delivery for tonight – reason being inclement weather – it’s snow ! Hardly that bad.”

Another shielding shopper thanked Iceland for delivering groceries at the last-minute after Asda cancelled the order.

They said: “HUGE thanks to @IcelandFoods who can deliver, free, within 24hrs when@AsdaServiceTeam cancelled my #sheilding #NewYear2021 food order just a few hours before it was due & can’t offer me any delivery before next year.”

And a Morrisons shopper said: “Ok I understand snow issues, but @Morrisons have just completely cancelled my online order 15 mins before it was due to be delivered, with no option to have an alternative delivery time.

“The next slot I can get is the 2nd January.”

Charity Age UK has also expressed concern about the elderly being cut off by the severe weather and urged Brits to check on vulnerable neighbours.

Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s charity director, said: “Bad weather, the pandemic and disruption to supply lines from Europe are creating a perfect storm, whereby even the most organised among us can find we’re unexpectedly cut off from things we need.

“Any of us can find ourselves out of supplies at the moment, for example if an online delivery is cancelled or we suddenly have to self-isolate, but it’s that much more difficult if it happens to older people, especially those who are isolated and alone.

“That’s why we need to be available to the older people in our lives and prepared to help them out if that’s what they require.”

The worst affected Tesco customers were in the Stoke and West Midlands areas, where the show has been heaviest, but it was said to represent less than 1% of Monday’s orders.

A spokesperson told HOAR: “Our colleagues are working hard to deliver more online orders than ever before.

“However, difficult weather conditions in some parts of the country meant that we had to cancel a very small number of deliveries.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and would like to apologise to any customers affected.”

While a spokesman for Sainsbury’s told The Telegraph it was “looking into these isolated complaints”.

HOAR has also contacted Asda and Morrisons for comment.

If you’ve had your order cancelled, we explain how to get last-minute deliveries from Aldi and Morrisons via Deliveroo.

If you’re able to go to the shops, it’s worth checking the festive opening hours of the supermarkets beforehand.

In April, thousands of shoppers had their supermarket deliveries cancelled after their banks suspected fraud and blocked the payments.

If that’s happened to you, you may be able to claim compensation.

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