The UK’s biggest complainers are called David with thousands leaving one-star reviews


Names and numbers:

People named David have left the most one-star reviews on Trustpilot, with a whopping 20,020 since the platform's launch in 2007. Paul and John are next in line, with 19,562 and 18,632 single-star reviews respectively.

Men take the lead:

Names traditionally given to men dominate the top 15 list of complaining reviewers. Alongside David, other names like Mark, James, Steve, Michael, and Andrew also feature.

Few ladies in the mix:

While men steal the show, the seventh-placed Sarah is the most prolific female reviewer, followed by Emma at number 14.

The power of negative reviews:

Carolyn Jameson, spokesperson for the global review platform Trustpilot, emphasized the importance of businesses engaging with negative feedback. She stated, "These reviewers’ commitment to posting their frustrated feedback on Trustpilot has helped thousands of businesses improve their service, and millions of consumers avoid customer service catastrophes."

Turning difficulties around:

Jameson further added, "With the right approach, businesses can turn Difficult Davids into Satisfied Susans, who are among those who write the most positive reviews."

Not all is rosy:

Even though 73% of consumer feedback on Trustpilot is positive, 14% of reviewers still give a one-star rating for their experiences with businesses on the platform.

Specific sectors:

The analysis also revealed that Davids are most likely to leave the most one-star reviews in several retail sectors, including 'electronics and technology', 'home and garden', and 'money and insurance'. On the other hand, Sarahs tend to be the top complainers in 'shopping and fashion' and 'beauty and wellbeing' categories.

For the full list of names that leave the most one-star reviews, you can visit the Trustpilot website.

Top 15 Reviewer’s Names:

1. David – 20,020

2. Paul – 19,562

3. John – 18,632

4. Chris – 16,642

5. Mark – 16,495

6. James – 15,079

7. Sarah – 13,971

8. Steve – 11,399

9. Michael – 10,871

10. Andrew – 10,851

11. Peter – 10,302

12. Richard – 9,881

13. Sam – 9,870

14. Emma – 9,838

15. Alex – 9,761

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