Third of stair gates designed to keep toddlers safe failed crucial tests, warns Which?


A THIRD of stair gates designed to keep toddlers safe failed crucial tests, a consumer watchdog says.

Which? tested 11 types of gate to EU standards, with four failing.

Parents should stop using these four stairgates immediately, Which? warns

Problems included gaps which could strangle a tot and gates that dislodge or don’t close properly. One failed multiple tests.

Natalie Hitchins, of Which?, said: “It beggars belief these products made to keep children safe may actually be putting them in harm’s way.

“Manufacturers need to act urgently and retailers should take any potentially dangerous items off sale immediately.”

Which? found that the Summer Infant Retractable Safety Gate could not maintain its height when a weight was placed on it, it had gaps that a child could squeeze a leg through, as well as snagging protrusions.

The watchdog also found that its sample of the Fred Safety Screw Fit Wooden Gate had a gap at the bottom that was large enough for a tot to get trapped.

The BabyDan Avantgarde failed the impact test. When fitted using its extensions, it  moved from its initial position by more than 25mm – the maximum amount permitted – meaning that the stairgate could come loose or slip out of the doorway.

The fourth gate to fail Which?’s safety testing was the Hauck Autoclose n’ Stop. During testing the auto-close system the bottom latch failed to fully click in.

Parents who already own any of the stair gates that failed Which? testing should stop using them immediately.

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