Tips on how families can slash bills by saving energy will be given out by Government

Unrecognisable woman with her finger on a light switch turning lights off.

FAMILIES will be given Government tips on how to “use energy more efficiently”, Liz Truss said yesterday.

The idea had appeared to have been put on ice amid No10 concerns that it could amount to nanny state meddling.

Families will be given tips by the Government on how to ‘use energy more efficiently’

But the PM has now said the Business department is working on a plan to advise people how they can slash their bills by saving energy.

In the Commons, former pensions minister Guy Opperman urged Ms Truss to have a “nationwide mailout campaign” on energy reduction to help hard-up Brits save cash.

She replied: “I know the Energy Secretary (Jacob Rees-Mogg) is working on a plan to help companies and individuals use energy more efficiently.

“We’re also working on this across Government.”

The PM’s official spokesperson said they were considering how to expand the existing “help for households” website which signposts consumers to Government help they can get.”

Civil servants will also be told to turn off the lights and conserve energy in their own departments to set an example.

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