Toy retailer warns parents of mistake that could spoil Christmas surprises


A popular toy retailer has issued a warning to parents about a mistake in its click-and-collect service that could ruin Christmas surprises for children. Smyths Toys has admitted that its packaging is delivered in clear plastic bags, meaning that if the delivery arrives when children are home, they will be able to see what has been ordered. This revelation has prompted parents to take to social media to share their experiences and advise others to be cautious when ordering from the retailer.

Clear packaging poses a problem

Smyths Toys openly acknowledges its packaging policy on its website, stating: "Please note your Click & Collect items will be in clear packaging with contents visible." This transparency can be an issue for parents who want to keep their Christmas gifts a secret until the big day. Customers have reported their experiences on social media, with one user warning: "This is your seasonal reminder that Smyths plastic bags are still SEE THROUGH." Another user joked: "I carry a roll of black bin bags in my boot at this time of year."

Not the only offender

Smyths Toys is not alone in its lack of discreet packaging. Lego has also faced criticism for its choice of packaging, which prominently displays its logo. While the specific toy may remain hidden, children could still figure out that their gift is Lego-related. One user shared their close call, saying: "The Lego online shop was shipping all their stuff last year in big Lego-branded boxes. Pure grace of God none of our kids came to the door when DPD delivered it." Parents are also advised to be cautious when ordering from the Disney store, as the name and logo are usually branded on the packaging, potentially spoiling surprises. Additionally, Amazon's Alexa device can accidentally reveal delivery updates, prompting parents to manually change the settings to maintain secrecy.

Parents are encouraged to be mindful of these packaging issues and take steps to ensure that their Christmas surprises remain intact until the big day.