Try our 10-minute energy switch challenge to cut your bill by up to £250


THIS Thursday, millions of us will be feeling foolish as our energy bills soar by £100.

To make sure the April Fools Day joke isn’t on you, take our Sun Money ten-minute switch challenge and save up to £250.

Use our easy guide to switch energy supplier and save money

Half the population are overpaying for gas and electricity — as a quarter of us have never switched supplier and another 25 per cent of people’s discount deals have ended.

Many are too lazy to change provider or wrongly believe they will not save money.

Customers being hit by £96 price cap increases next week can switch in minutes and beat the increase.

The average standard tariff annual bill will be around £1,138, the level of the price cap, as most suppliers ramp up prices blaming wholesale energy costs.

But the cheapest discount deal is £916, with Outfox The Market.

It can take less than ten minutes to fill out a switching form online — and you will get moved to a new supplier within four weeks or receive £30 compensation.

Also, set up autoswitch and get changed to the cheapest deal every year by a price comparison company, for free.

MoneySavingExpert’s Martin Lewis said: “The silver lining of the £96 price cap rise is that it shocks people into action.”

Beat the price rises by switching energy providers this week

‘We’ll do it again next year’

Jason Swinburn switched provider in just 12 minutes

LUCY and Jason Swinburn know about shopping around for bargains – as they both work for high street retailers.

The couple, from Swindon, took 12 minutes to save £200 on their gas and electricity using Uswitch to change from Sainsbury’s Energy to an EDF deal for £1,591.

Lucy, 37, who has a six-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl, with Jason, 44, said: “It was so simple as the website remembers our energy use from previous switches – and will remind us to switch next year.”

‘Should’ve done it ages ago’

Chris Pillings took only 10 minutes to switch energy supplier

DAD Chris Pillings had not switched energy supplier for six years – but will now save £122 after ten minutes of work.

Accountant Chris and wife Rachel, a banking officer, who have two children, used CompareTheMarket, to move from Shell Energy’s £1,136-a-year price to Together Energy’s Green Together 25 £1,014 deal.

Chris, 41, from South London, said: “We should have switched years ago. We were paying far too much with Shell Energy after they took over our previous supplier Green Star Energy.”

‘We blamed lockdown’

Max Veltman changed energy supplier in 17 minutes

A FAMILY of four switched energy in 17 minutes after discovering high bills were not due to lockdown – but price hikes.

Max and Sarah Veltman saved £84 with MoneySaving Expert by ditching Igloo Energy for a Green’s discounted deal at £1,111 for their three-bed semi in Birmingham.

The 39-year-old scientist, who has two kids with healthcare worker Sarah, 38, said: “We originally thought bills were up due to being at home more, not price rises. So we switched.”

‘It was so quick to switch’

Kirill and Valerie Anurov saved more than £200 in just six minutes

KIRILL and Valerie Anurov took just six minutes to discover they would save £217 by going green.

The Londoners, who had been with British Gas for 18 months, will cash in by leaving a £1,743-a-year standard tariff to join green power firm Goto Energy’s £1,526 deal.

CompareTheMarket showed them the deal for their four-bedroom house.
Accountant Kirill, 41, who has son George, four, with quantity surveyor Valerie, 36, said: “It’s so quick to switch.”

Don’t get snapped by fake ads

Beat the scammers, by Ashley Hart, head of fraud at TSB

FACEBOOK, Instagram, Snapchat and Google need to raise their game to stop users being caught out online by convincing scams.

The big tech firms carry millions of adverts. But among them are scams, paid for by fraudsters.

Just yesterday, I reported a scam advert on Instagram, which pointed to a dodgy website I also saw in a Google advert. It’s still live. More than ever,

Fraudsters are tempting people in with purchase scams, fake profiles on social sites and investment fraud – promising high returns, freebies and discounts that don’t exist.

My team reports loads of these every week and they’re often left to sit online as traps for unsuspecting web users. Never rush in just because something looks genuine.

Teenagers are also being heavily targeted online to become “money mules”. If you have kids, warn them about the dangers.

Moving money through your bank account isn’t the risk-free gig that’s advertised.

It’s money laundering, ­carries a possible jail term and people’s lives are ­regularly ruined by going down this path.

Online platforms need to do more to stop these adverts, and to stop scammers profiting from them too. You can help.

When you spot a scam like this, report the ad – which you can usually do with a couple of clicks.

In the meantime, we will continue to campaign for these bogus adverts and online scams to be removed – to help keep us all safe from fraud online.