Watch Alison Hammond star as a fussy royal in Sainsbury’s cheeky Christmas fairytale advert


SAINSBURY’S has revealed its Christmas advert for 2022 and it’s bound to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The festive ad features This Morning’s Alison Hammond as a fussy countess picking food from Sainsbury’s Christmas range this year.

Alison Hammond plays a fussy royal countess

The Countess tries the Sainsbury’s caramelised biscuit Christmas pudding

It is a light-hearted tale set in a fantasy medieval world where a festive feast is being planned.

The video opens with a view of a castle as a dragon flies by, viewers then hear the iconic voice of Stephen Fry who says: “In a far, far away land, a feast was being planned.”

Cutting to the banquet hall, it kicks off with Alison as a fussy countess selecting food for the meal.

A selection of festive food is happily received, from Sainsbury’s crab thermidor crumpets to cider glazed gammon.

When a nervous-looking young chef offers up a traditional Christmas pudding, The Countess dismissively says: “I’ve never really liked Christmas pudding”.

She blows out the pudding’s flame and is met with gasps from onlookers, and then orders the cook to “Bring me something different. Or else.” 

The hit Wheatus tune Teenage Dirtbag begins playing with a medieval remix as the cook works through the night to come up with a new idea.

Back in the main hall, The Countess announces “treaty time” and is presented with the new creation, a Taste the Difference caramelised biscuit Christmas pudding.

After a forkful and a moment of pause, The Countess asks: “Is that caramelised biscuit?”

She then says “mmm…that’s a bit of me” and breaks into laughter.

The room fills with cheer and applause as the cook is praised with a “well done babs” and a pat on the back.

It ends with Stephen Fry’s voiceover: “And that’s why you can Taste the Difference.”

The Countess is getting ready for the World Cup it seems

Laura Boothby, head of campaigns, at Sainsbury’s said: “Food plays a central role in any celebration, and we wanted to bring to life the imagination and innovation that goes into creating our Taste the Difference Christmas range.

“We also wanted the ad to provide some fun and light-hearted Christmas cheer and who better to do that than Alison Hammond.”

It is the first of several shorter ads that are coming out over the festive season with Alison featuring in each of them.

Some lucky customers may even hear her on the tannoy announcements in store.

Alison said: “I absolutely loved playing The Countess in this year’s Sainsbury’s Christmas advert.

“It got me feeling all festive and was such a laugh!

“The Taste the Difference caramelised biscuit Christmas pudding was absolutely a bit of me and will definitely make an appearance on our table this year.

“Just not sure if I can wait until Christmas day to try it again!” 

The Sainsbury’s Christmas ad will be broadcast from 8.30am today across all TV channels.

Last year’s festive clip centred around bringing families back together after the Covid pandemic.

It opened with Etta James singing the well-known song “At Last” and celebrated a restriction-free Christmas.

The Sainsbury’s ad is just one of many launching this week with both M&S and Disney revealing their own a few days ago.

M&S features the comedy duo French and Saunders, whereas Disney’s has been dubbed a real tear jerker.