We live in $1million home but use clever hack to reduce huge mortgage payments


A THRIFTY couple have revealed how they can afford to live in a house worth $1 million without breaking the bank.

Kristina and her boyfriend decided to upgrade to a bigger home after getting fed up with their small 880 sq ft house in Austin, Texas.

The couple found their mortgage repayments were huge after upgrading to a bigger home

They decided to try out a clever hack to reduce the costs

The pair found a bigger house in the same neighbourhood – but were disheartened when they realised the mortgage repayments would be double what they were already spending.

Instead of giving up on the $1 million (£817k) home, they came up with a clever way to get around the huge costs.

The couple got to work sectioning off part of their new house as a studio big enough for two guests to rent out as a guest room.

By charging at least $76 (£62) a night, they have been able to make more than $1,500 (£1,200) a month.

Kristina told her followers on TikTok page Homebuyer Education: “We sectioned off the front of our house with a bookshelf door and added a separate entrance with a sliding glass door.

“We’ve been doing this for three months now and the guests we’ve had so far love the space.

“Our year goal is to each pay $2,000 or less for a mortgage each month, so we need to earn $2,000 or more.

“We have a joint bank account and track our spending.”

It comes after a man from Texas transformed a tiny shed and turned it into a house for £30,000.

Daniel Salas now makes huge sums renting it out on Airbnb after creating the space out of a second-hand storage shed he found on Craigslist.

The little house is only 245sq feet and sits at the end of the mans garden at his home in sunny San Antonio.

Daniel was inspired by the properties he had seen while travelling with his wife and soon created the colourful living space that he now rents out to holidaymakers on Airbnb.

The couple rent out part of their home

They sectioned off part of the building

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