We test the best cheese melts for your BBQ burgers from Tesco to M&S & Aldi – and the winner has a surprising ingredient

Thea Jacobs testing different Burger cheeses. Picture by Damien McFadden: 07968 308252

SAY cheese! If you are flipping a few burgers on your BBQ this week (and allowed to, given the fire risk), chances are you’ll want a slice of this action.

Supermarkets are full of cheese melts, the perfect topping for your meat patties.

HOAR’s Thea Jacobs has put supermarkets’ cheese melts to the test

But while some will add a thrill to your grill, others might leave you a bit cheesed off.

Thea Jacobs gives her verdict, with marks out of five…

Asda Mature British Cheddar, £ 2 .50

Asda’s Mature British Cheddar feels thin and flimsy but certainly pack a punch with flavour

SLICES feel a little bit thin and flimsy but they certainly pack a punch with flavour.

This cheese doesn’t melt when topping the bun, but that’s forgivable given the lovely taste.

SCORE: 4/5

Morrisons Mature Cheddar, £ 1 .20

Morrison’s Mature Cheddar have a real burst of tart flavour

THERE’S a real burst of tart flavour with this one and it softens nicely over the smoking-hot meat patty.

It makes the burger taste super-luxurious and it’s a great addition if you want a nice Cheddary hit.                

SCORE: 4/5

Aldi Cheddar & Red Onion, £1.19

Aldi’s Cheddar and Red Onion is a dream bite

A CROSS between cheese and chutney but it somehow works.

The Cheddar accentuates the beefiness of my patty and the sweetness of the red onion offsets the saltiness. A dream bite.

SCORE: 5/5

Waitrose Extra Mature Cheddar, £ 2 . 55

Waitrose’s Extra Mature Cheddar might not be something you want in your burger

SHEETS in between the slices make it easier to get them out.

This is the most mature but that’s not something I want in my burger.

So over-powering, I forgot there was meat underneath.                                                                            

SCORE:     3/5

Original Mexicana Cheddar, £ 2.49

Morrisons’ Original Mexican Cheddar promises much but delivers little

THESE from Morrisons feature a bit of chilli mixed in with the Cheddar’s nuttiness.

Packet warns they are hot and spicy, but they are mild enough for kids.

I expected something exciting. This isn’t.

SCORE:       3/5

Tesco Fire Pit Blue Stilton, £ 1 .50

Tesco’s Fire Pit Blue Stilton makes a humble BBQ feel Michelin star

I LIKE blue cheese with beef and these go wonderfully gooey between burger and bun.

It makes a humble BBQ feel Michelin star. Not for the faint-hearted.                                                                  

SCORE:  4/5

M&S Blacksticks Blue, £ 3.25

M&S Blacksticks Blue melt as soon as they hit the burger

MELT as soon as they hit the burger, and my patty is coated in the blue and orange cheese.

But the taste doesn’t hold up against the meat. Given the price, I’d like a stronger taste.                       

SCORE:   3/5

Morrisons Monterey Jack,  £ 1. 50

Morrisons’ Monterey Jack has a bit of a processed smell

BIT of a processed smell but claim to add veg to a meal, as they have peppers in them.

Go gooey rather than melt, and fill your mouth with flavour. But not that cheesy.                                                               

SCORE:      2/5

Aldi Monterey Jack & BBQ Melts, £ 1. 19

Aldi’s Monterey Jack & BBQ did not impress

WHIFF of BBQ sauce as I open the packet but slices crumble as I try to peel them off.

And they don’t taste like cheese – more like a solid relish to add to your burger . . . with less flavour.                                                  

SCORE:       2/5

Tesco Mature Cheddar, £ 2 .50

Tesco’s Mature Cheddar is not a memory Thea wants to relive

REMINDS me of the rushed cheese sarnies my friends and I used to be sent to school with.

It’s not a memory I want to relive and it isn’t improved by being added to my charcoaled burger.                                     

SCORE:     2/5

Morrisons Spicy Cheddar, £ 1 . 50

Morrisons’ Spicy Cheddar really does pack a kick of chilli but it overpowers all else

COMES with spice alert and really does pack a kick of chilli but it overpowers all else.

It feels like I put put vindaloo on my burger, not cheese.

I had to reach for milk to calm the fire.                         

SCORE:     1/5

M&S Sweet Chilli Burger Melts, £ 2 . 50

M&S Sweet Chilli Burger Melts tastes great and adds something unusual to your burger

VERY cheesy at first but, as your chew, the final taste has a hint of sweet chilli.

One of the subtlest offerings in supermarkets, it tastes great and adds something unusual to your burger.

SCORE: 4/5