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AS part of our Consumer Crew’s new Fix Your Finances series, our expert panel will be here to answer questions on Monday and Tuesday next week and help solve your problems.

All for FREE. You can send your question TODAY on the subject troubling you.

Our expert panel, known as the Consumer Crew, are here to help answer your questions

Yours might be:

  • About debts, benefits, making ends meet or saving
  • About jobs, furlough, redundancy or worker rights
  • About running a business and getting an insurance payout
  • About getting money back for cancelled holidays
  • About planning for retirement, tax or investments

You can either email us now at [email protected] or call our Freephone number, 0800 028 1978, and leave your question so our experts – who are introduced below – can help you.

Lisa Minot

Lisa Minot is our Travel Editor

Lisa has years of experience with global travel and is a regular go-to expert for TV and radio.

Ask her about compensation and refunds.

Jane Hamilton

Jane Hamilton is our Employment Editor

Jane provides insight on the jobs world in her weekly Sun column.

She can answer questions on employment, apprenticeships and getting back to work.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is HOAR’s Mr Money

Dan is an authority on finance, savings and the world of money.

He can spot a scam a mile away and writes clear, easy-to-follow reports.

Tara Evans

Tara Evans is our Digital Consumer Editor

Tara has all the knowledge and top tips on personal finance, from paying bills, to getting out of debt and the best ways to save money.

Kevin Pratt

Kevin Pratt is an expert on household finances

Kevin is a personal finance expert from Forbes Advisor.

He has been writing about household finances for more than 30 years, with a focus on insurance and energy. He is a regular commentator on national TV and radio.

Laura Howard

Laura Howard has written about personal finance for more than 20 years

Laura is a property expert and personal finance writer for Forbes Advisor.

She has been writing for personal finance publications for more than 20 years.

James Lee

James Lee’s area of expertise is taxes and VAT

James is the man to turn to if you have any money problems related to his fields of expertise – taxation and VAT.

He is a Tax Partner at James Lee Associates.

Steve Smart

Steve Smart is an insurance expert

Steve is a solicitor at Wynterhill LLP and leading expert on how to get money from insurance companies.

He helps people sort out their Covid-19 claims with insurers.

Alison Colley

Alison Colley is a solicitor specialising in employment law and worker rights

Alison is a solicitor who specialises in advising workers and employers on all aspects of employment law and employee rights.

She is managing director of Real Employment Law Advice.

Romi Savova

Pension expert Romi Savova can answer retirement queries

Romi founded PensionBee in 2014 to simplify pension saving in the UK.

She can answer questions about how to prepare for retirement.

Laith Khalaf

Laith Khalaf is an investment expert

Laith has years of experience in financial services and is a regular expert for the national press, TV and radio.

He is a financial analyst at AJ Bell. Ask him about investing.

Nick Morrey

Nick Morrey is an expert at brokers John Charcol

Nick is an expert at mortgage broker John Charcol.

You can get his help with mortgage questions and home loan payment holidays.

Ray Boulger

Ray Boulger can answer your mortgage queries

Ray has worked for mortgage broker John Charcol for 31 years.

Seek his help with mortgage questions and home loan payment holidays.

Anna Stevenson

Anna is a welfare benefits specialist

Anna is a welfare benefits specialist at Turn2Us, a charity that helps those who have had life-changing events.

Rita Malhotra

Rita Malhotra can help you get the most out of your money

Rita is a financial planner at GQ Independent helping people get the most out of their money.

She can answer questions about retirement, investments and protection.

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy can answer questions on pension and investments

Paul has a vast knowledge of the financial planning world.

He can answer questions on pensions and investments. He works at GQ Independent.

Michelle Ovens

Michelle Ovens supports the UK’s entrepreneurs through Small business Britain

Michelle is the founder of Small Business Britain.

Get her tips about being your own boss.

Victoria Olubi-Ademosu

Victoria Olubi-Ademosu can answer queries about running your own business

Victoria is the founder of education brand TheTutoress.com and has won numerous awards for her work.

Ask her questions about running your own business.

Jonathan Chesterman

Debt expert Jonathan Chesterman has helped people with their debt problems for 27 years

Jonathan has been helping people with their debt problems for 27 years, working for Stepchange.

Get his advice on how to get out of debt.

Carlos Hagi

Carlos Hagi is a welfare benefits expert at Citizens Advice, which offers free advice

Carlos is a welfare benefits expert with more than 35 years’ experience at Citizens Advice.

The charity offers advice to people with money, legal and consumer issues.

Kate Green

Kate Green can answer benefit questions, and is specialised on Universal Credit

Kate is also benefits expert at Citizens Advice, who specialises in Universal Credit.

Get her help with the benefit.

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