You could win a 4-bed house with £2 raffle ticket as hospital worker raises money for NHS


A HOSPITAL worker is giving people the chance to win a 4-bed home in Yorkshire with just a £2 raffle ticket.

The lucky winner will be mortgage-free while some of the money raised will be donated to the NHS.

Raffle tickets cost just £2 – the price of a coffee

The detached property is being raffled by Nick Wyril, a 34-year-old patient service manager, instead of being sold in the typical way.

He plans to give 10% of the money made from 250,000 ticket sales to an NHS charity – £50,000.

Raffles have become increasingly popular as an alternative to a traditional house sale – but they do come with risks.

Mr Wyril said: “It’s an amazing opportunity for someone to be mortgage-free for the price of a coffee.

Nick Wyril has lived in the home for five years with his wife and son

The Yorkshire property has four bedrooms

“We have loved living here but we decided we needed a bigger house and we didn’t want to go down the conventional route of selling.

“I’d seen another couple selling their house by raffle tickets and I started looking into it and realised you can donate some of the sales to charity through the raffle website.

“It seemed like the right thing to give something back to the NHS after what has been a truly horrendous year for everyone.”

In addition to the four bedrooms, the house features an en-suite bathroom with the master bedroom, a garage and orangery with log burner.

The modern home was built five years ago and is smartly decorated

The five-year-old property is located on a cul-de-sac close to the M1.

The lucky winner will also have no legal fees to pay.

The raffle is taking place on and closes at midnight on July 1 or when all the tickets are sold – whichever is earlier.

Your odds of winning depend on how many tickets are sold. For example, if the raffle reaches its target and you buy one ticket then you’ve only got one in 250,000 chance of scooping the top prize.

You can increase your chances of winning by buying more tickets, but remember that you won’t get your money back if you lose.

There is no guide price on the property but the average price of a detached home in West Yorkshire is £332,759 according to Rightmove.

A flat in East London worth £500,000 was raffled for just £10 a ticket last year.

A widowed dad seeking a fresh start won a £1million dream house in a £10 draw.

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