10 ways Jeremy Corbyn will cripple Britain if Boris Johnson fails to win a majority tomorrow


AS polls refuse to rule out a hung parliament, we look at ten ways Jeremy Corbyn could cripple Britain if if Boris Johnson fails to win a majority.

Theresa May‘s disastrous 2017 campaign has left a large number of marginal seats, which could pave the way for a hung parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn could ruin Britain by ChristmasHere are ten ways in which the far-left leader could make it a nightmare on Friday the 13th.


If Boris Johnson fails to land a majority parliament, there’s no way out of the political chaos any time soon.

The PM could try and rule with a minority administration as he’s been doing for weeks, but it wouldmean he can’t deliver on his promise to get Brexit done.

If the Queen asks Jeremy Corbyn to form a Government, he’ll be unable to get his leftie agenda through Parliament either, putting Britain on course for months more deadlock.

Even if the SNP and Lib Dems prop him up to force through a second referendum, they will be unlikely to be able to anything more than that.

Westminster’s crisis will be far from over if Boris doesn’t get enough MPs tomorrow to form a majority – the nightmare will only continue.

A second Brexit vote would mean months more negotiations with the EU, and then another divisive campaign.

This would be negotiated by Sir Keir Starmer who backs remain and Jeremy Corbyn who doesnt know which side he’ll go for.

The vote could also be swung to remain, with votes tipped to be given to 16-year-olds and two million EU nationals who couldn’t vote last time.

This could then be followed by yet another Scotland referendum, with the SNP likely to insist on one to make Mr Corbyn Prime Minister.


John McDonnell has boasted the pound will rise if Labour get in, but a hung parliament won’t help the economy.

Businesses have pleaded for an idea of what’s going to happen, while many have already pledged to leave if Labour get in, citing higher taxes and their assets being grabbed.

The Conservatives say Labour always leave a financial crisis, but claim Mr Corbyn will cause one by Christmas.


Mr Corbyn has previously labelled terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.

He has also expressed sympathy towards the IRA, prompting their victims to urge Labour voters to abandon Jeremy Corbyn.

His own health spokesman, Jon Ashworth has also labelled Mr Corbyn as a security risk, meaning it is not difficult to see how the Labour leader in No10 could make us less safe.


The Chief Rabbi was forced to make an unprecedented intervention into the election, warning the soul of our nation is at stake.

His intervention came before Mr Corbyn was personally accused of 11 acts of anti-Semitism in a damning dossier submitted to Equality chiefs.

The damning evidence came from the Jewish Labour Movements 47-page, 28,000 word submission to the inquiry.

Not only is the Labour leader accused of personally engaging in anti-Semitism, but has also been accused of letting it flourish in his party.


The Tories sweeping plans for new hospitals could be blocked if they fail to win a majority, with Parliament stuck in further deadlock.

If Labour are in, they have repeatedly got muddled up with their plans for a four-day week, constantly contradicting each other on whether it applies to the health service.

Mr McDonnell insists it will apply to the NHS, which the Tories say will cripple hospitals already under pressure.

Labours expensive plans for nationalisation of other services could also leave less cash for public services.

Jeremy Corbyn appears to show he’s a champagne socialist


Labour’s plans to tear up anti-strike laws could have been written for them by the trade unions who fund them.

Taking Britain back to the the 1970s, the public would face flying pickets, regular strikes and union barons paralysing the economy at will.


Despite vowing extra taxes only for the top 5%, Mr Corbyn has already been forced to admit low earner will also face higher tax bills.

The Labour leader had insisted only those earning over 80,000 would pay, only for the claims to be rubbished by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.


Labour are plotting to snatch 300 billion of shares in 7,000 large companies.

Some shares would go to staff, the move is also a raid on the pension funds and retirement assets invested in these firms.

This would affect ordinary workers, not the promised “top five per cent”.


In the first 100 days they would nationalise the Royal Mail, railways, energy supply networks, water and sewerage companies.

The CBI reckon that will initially cost 196billion about nine per cent of annual output.

They would then chuck in free broadband for 20billion, a price already dismissed by experts.

All of this comes on the hope Labour can run industry better than private companies.

10: DEBT

Britain is already staring down the barrel of a 1.8 trillion debt.
Despite this, Mr Corbyn and McDonnell plan to add another 400 billion at a rock bottom interest rate.

If the economy tanks, repayment costs will then spike costing Brits a fortune yet again to pay for Labours mistakes.