3 major changes Boris Johnson vows to make after Sue Gray’s Partygate report


BORIS Johnson is pleading with Tory MPs to stick with him as leader – by vowing to change.

After dissecting Sue Gray’s uncomfortable report into Downing St parties, the PM has promised to make sweeping reforms to his embattled premiership.

Boris Johnson in the Commons yesterday
He has promised to listen more to Tory MPs

He will entirely overhaul the way No10 operates, and dispel with the booze culture that led to “failures of leadership and judgement” during Covid.

Mr Johnson will also extend an olive branch to wavering Tories with a cast-iron promise to listen to them more.

He said yesterday: “I get it and I will fix it. And I want to say to the people of this country. I know what the issue is, it is whether this government can be trusted to deliver and I say yes we can be trusted yes we can be trusted to deliver.”

As he fights to shore up support, here are three changes the PM is making:


The PM has vowed to rid the booze culture in Downing Street and Whitehall departments.

For years No10 staff have wheeled suitcases crammed with bottles into their offices and used “Wine Time Fridays” to unwind.

Stern Ms Gray was clear that this was wrong and had to stop.

She said: “The excessive consumption of alcohol is not appropriate in a professional workplace at any time.

“Steps must be taken to ensure that every Government Department has a clear and robust policy in place covering the consumption of alcohol in the workplace.”

Mr Johnson later vowed to review the rules binding officials to implement Ms Gray’s recommendations.

His spokesman added that the wine fridge in the No10 press office would also be removed.


Downing Street is going to be whipped into shape to make the operation less clunky and complex.

Mr Johnson is creating an Office of the Prime Minister with a dedicated civil servant to strengthen grip and discipline within the building.

A clearout of some senior staff is also likely on the way, with the PM’s chief of staff Dan Rosenfield and private secretary Martin Reynolds in line for the chop.

Mr Johnson is bringing back elections guru Lynton Crosby to help deliver Downing St’s core strategy.

The brash Australian, nicknamed the Wizard of Oz, helped Boris win the London mayoralty and is a hit with Tory MPs.


At a meeting of Tory MPs last night Mr Johnson promised to listen to their ideas more.

Many Tory MPs are frustrated with No10’s focus on green issues at the expense of traditionally Conservative policies.

They are concerned that work on immigration and levelling up has made little progress, while taxes go through the roof.

Lots are also still reeling from draconian lockdown laws they vehemently disagreed with.

The PM responded by vowing to take on board their views much more, with hints of a formal policy-working group.

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