A-level students who get grades CAN go to first choice uni as ministers rip up caps on doctors & vets


ALL A-LEVEL students who got the right grades can go to their first choice university, ministers have guaranteed.

Controversial caps on places to study to be a medic, vet or teacher were also torn up and extra cash pledged for the courses.

All students who get the right grades can go to their first choice of uni

A-level students had their grades upgraded after the results day fiasco

Under-fire ministers made the promise in a desperate bid to douse the fury over the A Levels shambles. 

A whopping 15,000 bitterly disappointed students lost out on their first choice uni in the markings fiasco, but now have the grades to go.

But thousands of teens with boosted grades may have to wait a year before they can go to their first choice because some of the most popular courses are already full.

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan said:  “This has been an incredibly difficult time for students and I want to reassure them that every effort is being made to make sure all those who planned to, can move on to higher education.

“I am delighted that the Government and the higher education sector have agreed that all students who achieved the required grades will be offered a place at their first choice university.

“I want universities to do all they can to take them on this year or offer alternative courses or deferred places where required.”

Many brainy teens predicted top grades were left heartbroken last week when they discovered their marks had been slashed by the botched computer system.

Clever kids from struggling schools who had won places to study to be a doctor or nurse were told they no longer had a place.

Facing a tidal wave of fury from pupils, parents and teachers, the government ripped up the system and dished out the higher teacher calculated grades.

Universities admissions body Ucas found that an extra 15,000 students now have the grades to get into their first choice uni.

Dr Tim Bradshaw, boss of the Russell Group which represents the country’s best universities, said a new army of doctors, nurses and teachers will emerge from the Covid generation.

He said: “This pandemic has highlighted more than ever the importance of our fantastic healthcare services and the need to invest in them.

“So I am pleased we are removing the cap on these courses and providing additional funding so more students can take up their places now and become our future doctors and healthcare professionals.”