All candidates Hugh Grant canvassed with during election campaign failed to win their seat


LABOUR and Lib Dems were ruing the curse of Hugh Grant after every candidate the actor campaigned with failed to win their seat.

Arch-remainer Grant, 59, canvassed with would-be MPs from both parties in the election run-up – before being sucked into a shameful anti-Tory rant on Twitter.

Hugh Grant failed to get Luciana Berger voted in as the Tories won in Finchley

The Love Actually star gave Chukka Umunna the career kiss-of-death as the MP lost his parliament place by failing to secure City of London for the Lib Dems after canvassing with Grant.

Anti-press campaigner Grant also went door-to-door with Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen in Chingford, London, before she was beaten by Tory veteran Iain Duncan-Smith.

The actor canvassed with Lib Dem candidate Monica Harding to unseat foreign secretary Dominic Rabb, in his Esher and Walton constituency, Walton-on-Thames, but she too was beaten.

Grant also hit the campaign trail with Jewish ex-Labour MP Luciana Berger, who stood for the Lib Dems in Finchley, London but also lost to the Tories under the actor’s curse’.

The Four Weddings star was glum-faced at a London tapas bar at 10pm, on Thursday with wife Anna Eberstein as the exit poll revealed Boris Johnsons landslide.

As the reality of a Tory majority emerged he Tweeted: There goes the neighbourhood.


A witness said the downtrodden Love Actually star looked crestfallen and could not stop looking at his phone, as the exit polls emerged.

They said: He and his wife sat at the bar and he looked increasingly glum as the night went on.

They had beer and red wine and went home pretty quickly after the exit poll.

Grant later criticised the electoral system that had failed to return the result he wanted before linking Boris Johnsons victory to Germanys far right.

He retweeted: Germanys far-right AfD congratulates Boris Johnson and wishes him success with Brexit.

On Thursday the Hollywood star was dragged into a Twitter-spat with Piers Morgan for accusing the Tories of running a campaign based on lies.

Following the resounding Tory win Piers Morgan replied to Grant: No, there goes your credibility. The British people listened to your democracy-wrecking garbage & told you to f*** off.

Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen lost in Chingford
Grant gave Chukka Umunna the career kiss-of-death
Monica Harding had Grant canvassing with her, and also lost