Angela Rayner says Labour must win or die as she launches bid to become deputy leader


ANGELA Rayner has said Labour must win or die as she announced she is running to be party deputy.

The Labour MP said the party are in the fight of our lives after they suffered their worst election defeat since 1935.

Angela Rayner has said Labour must ‘win or die’ as she launched her bid to become the party’s deputy leader

Ms Rayner, who left school pregnant at 16 without any qualifications, returned to her old council estate in Stockport to launch her bid to replace Tom Watson.

She had originally been tipped to run for leader but said she decided not to because she did not want to be pitted against her best pal Rebecca Long Bailey, who launched her leadership bid last night.

On the task ahead for Labour, Ms Rayner said: It is the biggest challenge in our history.
The next five years will be the fight of our lives.

She added: As a party we face a choice – win or die.

In a blistering attack, she slammed Jeremy Corbyns election strategy and failure to tackle anti-Semitism.

She said their 2019 manifesto made glib promises of freebies nobody believed, and the party lost the trust of voters in their heartlands.

She said: They looked toward Westminster, and yes they looked at us, and they felt patronised.

And when they thought they were being told to F-off and join the Tories, too many of them did.

Ms Rayner backed her close friend and flatmate Ms Long Bailey for the Labour leadership.

And she slammed outgoing deputy Mr Watson for saying he had doubts about Ms Long Bailey because she is the continuity Corbyn candidate.

In a stinging hit back, she said: To be honest, as a northern working class lass Ive been underestimated and told my place since I was born.

And two northern women will not be told we are continuity anything from any man. We will set out who we are, Rebecca is her own person, and I am my own person.

Angela Rayner decided not to run for Labour leader because she did not want to be pit against her best pal Rebecca Long Bailey