Angela Rayner tried to sting the taxpayer for ANOTHER pair of AirPods – before hastily repaying cash

ANGELA RAYNER AIRPODS: Now on the train to Newport to campaign for @RuthNewportWest in today's by election. I hope the Labour team has lots of doors for me to knock on to GOTV for local candidate Ruth who will be a fantastic MP @WelshLabour #StandingUpForNewportWest #NewportWest 4 APRIL 2019

ANGELA Rayner tried to sting the taxpayer for another pair of expensive Apple AirPods, it can be revealed.

But when confronted by HOAR on Tuesday over the £139 expenses claim, the Deputy Labour Leader hastily repaid the money.

Angela Rayner tried to sting the taxpayer for ANOTHER pair of pricey Airpods

The self-proclaimed value-for-taxpayers campaigner was accused of hypocrisy in 2021 after charging the public purse £249 for personalised Airpods, on top of more than £2,000 for other Apple kit.

But on 12 December 2022 she put in another claim titled “earphone for office” for the exact same retail price of 2nd Generation Apple AirPods.

Ms Rayner’s office repeatedly did not deny the purchase was for AirPods.

The claim was approved and the money paid to the Labour MP.

But Commons authorities have now confirmed that a repayment was made late on Tuesday after HOAR approached Ms Rayner’s spin doctor.

Her spokesperson said: “These costs have been covered privately and IPSA has been reimbursed accordingly.”

The Labour firebrand has been leading the charge on Government’s overspending and luxury travel over recent months.

She’s accused ministers of “living the high life and treating taxpayers like a cash machine” despite her own expenses claims.

A Tory source said: “Rayner’s only paid the money back because she has had to face the music: putting expensive tech on the taxpayer and then trying to cover it up simply won’t wash.

“Labour should take our their AirPods, and try listening to the British public for once.”

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