Back the Rwanda Bill: A Game-Changer in the Fight Against Illegal Immigration


An Amazing Country on the Rise

Amidst the ongoing discussions surrounding the UK's Migration and Economic Partnership with Rwanda, it is crucial to separate fact from fiction. Rwanda is a remarkable country that has made significant progress since the devastating genocide of the mid-1990s. Today, it is a peaceful, dynamic, and prosperous nation that is going places.

A Safe Haven for Refugees and Immigrants

Rwanda has been deemed a safe country by the UN refugee agency, and it has become a thriving home for many refugees and immigrants who have settled there. In addition to safety, those who are relocated to Rwanda will have access to quality accommodation, essential services, and the opportunity to build a new life in a fantastic country. With successful businesses already established by some, it is clear that Rwanda offers immense potential for those who embrace it.

Tackling Illegal Immigration

The UK government is committed to deterring illegal immigration and ensuring that those who attempt to enter the country unlawfully will not be allowed to stay. To this end, the recent Treaty with Rwanda, signed by Home Secretary James Cleverly, provides reassurance that individuals relocated to Rwanda will not be sent to a dangerous third country. Furthermore, new laws being considered by Parliament make it crystal clear that Rwanda is a safe and viable option.

A Strong Stance on Immigration

Thanks to the government's hard work, small boat arrivals have decreased by a third this year, despite an increase in such arrivals across Europe. The UK has also taken significant steps to address the issue, including the largest-ever small boats deal with France, efforts to combat people-smuggling, and increased raids targeting illegal working. Returns and cooperation agreements have been signed with several countries, further bolstering the fight against illegal immigration.

The Toughest Immigration Law Ever

The new bill being introduced is set to be the toughest immigration law to date. It addresses and blocks every reason that has been used to prevent removals to Rwanda. Appeals will only be allowed if there is an imminent danger of serious or permanent harm, setting a very high bar for appeal success. This ensures that the law remains strong and effective in deterring illegal immigration.

Political Support and Opposition

While the government is determined to put an end to the legal challenges surrounding Rwanda flights, opposition parties, such as Labour, have criticized the plan without providing a viable alternative. However, the government has provided all the necessary reassurances to address concerns and ensure the success of the policy. It is time for politicians to correct their unfair opinions about Rwanda and support a policy that will save lives, combat people smugglers, and restore fairness to the immigration system.

Seize the Moment

With the recent Supreme Court verdict, the signing of the Treaty with Rwanda, and the introduction of the new bill, the UK is on the right path to address the concerns of the British people. It is crucial for politicians to seize this moment and back the Rwanda Bill to move forward on the work that needs to be done. The time for action is now.

Image Source: Home Secretary James Cleverly with Rwanda's Foreign Affairs Minister Vincent Biruta