BBC sparks fury for allowing leftie comedian Joe Lycett to perform bizarre act on flagship politics show

Comedian Joe Lycett departs BBC Broadcasting House, London, England, UK on Sunday 4 September, 2022., Credit:Justin Ng / Avalon

THE BBC was under fire last night for allowing a leftie comedian to derail its flagship politics programme.

Joe Lycett performed a bizarre character act on Laura Kuenssberg’s new show, pretending to be “very right-wing”.

Comedian Joe Lycett performed a bizarre character act on the BBC’s flagship politics programme

The leftie pretended to be ‘very right-wing’ on Laura Kuenssberg’s new show, which reignited criticism of the Beeb’s impartiality

The stunt left viewers scratching their heads over who he was trying to lampoon — and reignited criticism of the Beeb’s impartiality.

Tory MP Nigel Mills said: “They utterly debased this new show on its first day by allowing some leftie comedian to take the mickey out of people.

“He wasn’t even funny.”

The Beeb has broadcast its flagship politics show on Sunday mornings since the early 1990s, when it was hosted by Sir David Frost.

It was taken over by Andrew Marr in 2005 and relaunched yesterday under former political editor Ms Kuenssberg, who interviewed Tory leadership frontrunner Liz Truss.

The chat ended with sarcastic applause from left-wing standup Lycett, 34, who appeared on a discussion panel with Labour MP Emily Thornberry and ex Downing Street aide Cleo Watson.

Asked to comment on the interview, Lycett whined: “I’m actually very right-wing and I loved it.

“I thought she was very clear and gave great clear answers.”

Trying to rein him in, Ms Kuenssberg said: “There’s a serious point here, Joe.

“She said there was a big package of help coming this week to help people pay their bills.”

A senior Conservative source said: “Having this tedious ‘comedian’ jabbering away in such a patronising manner doesn’t feel like a great start to a serious programme.”

A BBC spokesman said: “Guests included both Conservative leadership candidates and a Conservative former adviser. Impartiality is key.”