Beatrice Johnson, Michelle Gove and Janet Rees-Mogg – cabinet ministers as you’ve never seen them before


BEATRICE Johnson, Michelle Gove and Janet Rees-Mogg – these are members of the PM’s cabinet as you’ve never seen them before.

Tory Twitter page ‘Defence Daily UK’ went viral after using the FaceApp to swap the frontbench team into the opposite sex – with hilarious results.

Boris Johnson as imagined as Beatrice by a Tory fan on Twitter

Pete Patel was described as a bit of a hearthrob by fans online – much like Priti

Michella Gove looks shocked at the prospect of ever being known as Michael

The Education Secretary was unrecognisable in this female depiction as Gina Williamson

The Twitter page is run by a 16-year-old from Jersey, who wants to remain anonymous.

They told HOAR they had no idea the pictures would go viral, adding it was “so crazy”.

@DefenceDailyUK shared the thread yesterday – which has since gone viral with thousands of likes and retweets.

Most of the minister are male so have been transformed into women.

But there are a few females in the mix who have had a shave and a haircut.

Politicians and commentators pointed out their favourites online and other politics fans added more to the mix.

Which famous Cabinet members can you recognise?

Rachael Sunak is still running the country’s finances in another life

Janet Rees-Mogg could be instantly identified as Jacob

Dominique Raab was described as ‘gorgeous’

Roberta Buckland also attracted attention online

Former Chancellor George Osborne posted the link to the photos, and added: “Ok, this is strangely compelling.”

Politician Suzanne Evans tweeted her enjoyment of the fun snaps too.

She said: “Wow, but Dominique Raab is gorgeous! And Pete Patel … *swoon*”.

One said of Anita Sharma: “Boys would ask her out, copy her maths homework and then dump her.”

Another said of Gina Williamson: “Head girl.”

Oneperson tweeted: “Priti Patel as a man is disquietingly hot, and you were all thinking it.”

Another said: “Is it bad I think Dominic Raab is gorgeous?”

Former MEP Lucy Harris said of Beatrice, or Boris: “She…..she looks like me.”

Marianne Hancock would be busy fighting the coronavirus pandemic as Health Secretary

Anita Sharma looks like a smart person to know, Twitter users thought

Gisela Shapps has been hard at work on air bridges lately

A few old faces were chucked in for fun too – anyone remember Michael Thatcher, or Tim May?

No, us neither.

And a fellow account shared a great snap of Dominique Cummings – with a fetching blonde haircut to match.

You’ll never look at the Cabinet in the same way again.

Anyone remember Michael Thatcher?

Tim May wasn’t seen as a fantastic PM – as he didn’t deliver Brexit

David Cameron looks chic with a brunette bob

Tina Blair had a long time in office but was very controversial over a foreign war