Boris Johnson arrives to launch Conservative manifesto with vows to freeze tax and boost childcare


BORIS Johnson has arrived in Telford to launch the Conservatives manifesto this afternoon, hailing new promises to freeze tax and boost childcare for parents.

The PM will later reveal the full raft of policies he will implement to help Britain’s army of workers if he wins the December 12 election.

Boris Johnson brandishing a copy of his manifesto as he arrives to launch it today
The PM met supporters in Telford ahead of his big reveal
And he signed a pledge to Get Brexit Done

The bold offer to the British public will contain promises to crack down on law and order, control immigration and deliver Brexit before Christmas so the country can finally move on.

Boris will promise to help hard-up Brits with a cut to their National Insurance, and help the most vulnerable and sick with free hospital parking.

He was snapped flicking through a paper copy of the manifesto on the train this lunchtime.

Other new promises he’s set to reveal later include:

  • A tax triple lock to freeze rates of income tax, National Insurance and VAT for the next five years. This builds on the PMs announcement to raise the National Insurance threshold, saving 31million people 100 next year.
  • Cutting fuel bills by spending 6.3billion on insulation and energy efficient measures for 2.2million families in social housing.
  • Keeping the energy price cap to protect struggling families from sudden rises in heating bills.
  • Protecting OAP perks by guaranteeing the pensions triple lock, winter fuel payments and bus passes.
  • Bringing back NHS bursaries for nurses
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The PM as he stepped off the train to his party’s launch event