Boris Johnson blasts ‘barbaric’ Vladimir Putin of ‘killing children’ and declares war a fight between ‘good and evil’


BORIS Johnson today accused “evil” Vladimir Putin of slaughtering innocent Ukrainian kids with “barbaric and indiscriminate” bombing.

The PM said the murderous Kremlin tyrant was butchering civilians by unleashing his deadly rockets and airstrikes on cities.

Boris Johnson speaking in Estonia tonight declared this a battle of “good vs evil”
Vladimir Putin is ramping up attacks on Ukraine

Boris Johnson speaking in Poland this morning

In stark terms he said tonight: “I cannot think of a time in international affairs where the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, good and evil has been so obvious.”

On a shuttle trip to Nato’s Eastern flank he vowed to keep “intensifying” crippling sanctions on Moscow for “as long as it takes”.

He is overseeing the latest batch of British weapons being flown out to Poland and driven into Ukraine within “hours and days.”

Speaking in Warsaw Mr Johnson said: “Vladimir Putin is prepared to use barbaric and indiscriminate tactics against innocent civilians to bomb tower blocks, to send missiles into tower blocks, to kill children as we’re seeing increasing numbers.”

Evil Russian forces yesterday killed 16 kids after cluster bombing a nursery.

Pained Mr Johnson said the “tragedy” western leaders had predicted was even worse than feared – and warned Putin will go even further.

At a sobering press conference the PM said:

  • More than 200,000 Ukrainians can now come to Britain under a more generous refugee scheme
  • The “sheer size” of the Russian army means the odds are still heavily against Ukraine
  • Russia’s officials and military officers could face war crimes trials
  • President Zelenskyy’s government may not be able to function from Kyiv “for much longer”
  • Putin’s brutal war is “doomed to fail” as the Ukrainians will never give up their freedom

Mr Johnson lavished praise on defiant President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for leading a fierce resistance but warned he was still fighting a David vs Goliath war.

He said: “We must accept the grim reality that Putin will continue to tighten the vice and, if you go by the size and firepower of Vladimir Putin’s war machine, the odds have always been heavily against Ukrainian armed forces.”

Western officials now fear frustrated Putin will lash out by unleashing his more devastating firepower on the capital at grave civilian cost.

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Horrifying satellite images shows a Russian convoy snaking 40 miles rolling towards Kyiv.

Mr Johnson warned President Zelenskyy’s government may collapse soon and need help from Western nations to continue.


However the PM was confident that Putin’s invasion was “doomed” to fail because of the determination of Ukraine and the West to thwart his mission to smash the global order.

He told a press conference: ” Putin has stubbed his toe and tripped on a giant and immovable fact.

“Which is no matter how many troops and tanks he sends, the Ukrainians desire to live in freedom in an independent country – which something that Poles will immediately understand.”

“And in this desire the UK will always give them our wholehearted support.”

Dominic Raab today warned “we can expect more heavy handed tactics” after the West “pinched the Russian war machine” with sanctions.

The Deputy PM – and former international lawyer – warned Putin would face a war crimes trial if found to have committed atrocities.

Meanwhile Mr Johnson has broadened the refugee scheme so parents, grandparents and siblings of anyone settled in the UK can come here from Ukraine.

There are major fears Russians criminals or agents would exploit the check free access to the UK.

Instead humanitarian support will mostly focus on helping displaced people in neighbouring countries so they can return home as quickly as possible.

The UN said more than 500,000 Ukrainian refugees had already fled.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine has killed at least 16 children after forces bombed a nursery school. Pictured: Medics try to save girl, aged six, beside blood-soaked dad

Pictured: Medics try to save girl, aged six, beside blood-soaked dad Credit: AP