Boris Johnson blasts ‘disgusting’ drugs gangs as he wears stab vest on dawn police raid


BORIS Johnson this morning took aim at “disgusting” drugs gangs – while a minister said Brits should dob in their mates for using cocaine.

Joining cops for a dawn raid in Merseyside, the PM vowed to snuff out evil criminals using kids to do their dirty work.

Boris Johnson took aim at “disgusting” drug gangs today
Wearing a Kevlar vest – and beanie for the early morning chill – Mr Johnson joins a dawn raid

Cops smash down a door in Merseyside this morning

He promised he’d “come down hard on the gangsters who are making hell of people’s lives.”

The Government is this week unveiling a blizzard of tough measures to show voters they’re serious about tackling crime.

Wearing a Kevlar vest – and beanie for the early morning chill – Mr Johnson put the thousands of gang networks on notice. 

He said: “We want everybody to be able to grow up in safer streets, everybody to have the right to have a safe community to grow up in and too many people have their lives blighted by these county lines gangs, so you’ve got to do two things at once.

“You’ve got to be tougher on the county lines gangs, you’ve got to be tougher on the criminals who are doing it, but you’ve also got to make sure that you find those 300,000 people and you help them.

“You can’t simply arrest them time after time and put them back into prison again and again – you’ve got to do rehab as well.”

The PM said a large part of the problem is middle-class drug users snorting cocaine at swanky dinner parties – and promised not to “sit idly by” while they fuel the drugs epidemic.

Speaking to HOAR this weekend, he said drugs don’t make you cool.

Policing Minister Kit Malthouse even said Brits should report their friends for doing illegal drugs.

Asked on LBC if he’d snitch on a fellow dinner party guest, the Tory MP said: “My advice to anybody who witnesses the law being broken is to report it to the police.”

He also said he wouldn’t be “surprised” if people had been using drugs in Parliament. 

Labour’s shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said: “What we’ve had over the last 10 years is we’ve had the public health response badly cut. 

“We’ve also had the criminal justice system badly cut – because you’ve had the reduction in policing, the reduction in prosecutions, the reduction in action through the courts and so on.”

Boris Johnson attends a pre-raid briefing at Merseyside Police headquarters as part of ‘Operation Toxic’ to infiltrate County Lines drug dealings in Liverpool

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