Boris Johnson blasts ‘increasingly threatening’ Russia as ‘full tonto’ Putin warned Britain will ‘kick his backside’


BORIS Johnson today lashed out at Russia’s “increasingly threatening” aggression towards Ukraine – as Vladimir Putin was accused of going crazy.

The PM took aim at the Kremlin tyrant as his Defence Secretary said British troops would “kick his backside” for launching an invasion.

Boris Johnson at PMQs today
Vladimir Putin speaking in Moscow yesterday

In the Commons Mr Johnson confirmed he would be sending more weapons for Ukrainians preparing to fight for their homeland.

He told MPs: “In light of the increasingly threatening behaviour from Russia, and in line with our previous support, the UK will shortly be providing a further package of military support to Ukraine.

“This will include lethal aid in the form of defensive weapons and non-lethal aid.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace today said Putin has gone “full tonto” over Ukraine – and promised to “kick his backside” if he goes too far.

The former Scots Guards officer said his regiment had “kicked the backside” of Tsar Nicholas I in the 19th Century and “we can always do it again”.

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Making unguarded comments he said: “Unfortunately we’ve got a busy adversary now in Putin, who has gone full tonto.”

Mr Wallace said the UK has 1,000 personnel on stand-by to respond to the crisis, adding: “The Scots Guards kicked the backside of Tsar Nicholas I in 1853 in Crimea – we can always do it again.”

He continued: “Tsar Nicholas I made the same mistake Putin did… he had no friends, no alliances.”

Russia has completely “encircled” Ukraine with more than 150,000 troops as Putin looks set to strike the country.

Moscow’s forces have been stockpiling blood and medical supplies near the border as the Kremlin eyes up an invasion.

Tanks and trucks have been on the move, fuelling fears the city of Kharkiv, the second largest in Ukraine, could be in its sights.

Joe Biden has ordered US troops, jets and helicopters to Eastern Europe in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of rebel-held Ukraine.

The US president said he would continue to provide “defensive assistance” to Ukraine as he sent additional forces to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Mr Biden was speaking as a huge column of around 100 military vehicles was seen in the Belgorod area, over the border from Krarkiv, raising fears Russia won’t stop at in the rebel areas.

Tanks were also seen reinforcing the two rebel held areas.

And here at home there are fears bread and fuel prices could soar if Russian tanks roll into all of Ukraine.

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