Boris Johnson busts internet myths about Brexit in bizarre video


BORIS Johnson has busted a series of Brexit myths in a bizarre video where he boasts of his French skills.

The PM took to Twitter to answer some of the most Googled questions about leaving the EU on Friday.
Boris Johnson took to social media to bust Brexit myths

In the video Boris answered Brits’ questions over travel, passports, foreign students, and what will actually happen on Friday night when Britain leaves the EU.

He said:”Brexit happens on Friday! Definitely, the 31st, 11:00pm”.

He told Brits Brexit wouldn’t affect any travel plans and told them to have a “fantastic holiday”.

The PM also once again told people he would not be selling off the NHS.

Among the burning questions about Brexit Boris chose to answer, he also took a question on whether he was multilingual.

“Bien sur, chef!” Boris said, showing off his French.

His fancy French translates roughly to “of course”.

The PM was also busy banging the drum for his promises of a trade deal with the US.

He said: “We’re going to do fantastic free trade deals with countries around the world so there’s a big opportunity for the UK to be more global,”

“We want companies to think big again in the global market.”

Boris promised Brits they wouldn’t need to renew their passports but would be entitled to a “beautiful new BLUE” one once the UK left.

He also assured farmers Brexit was there to help them gain access to bigger markets to export to.

He said there were plans to ensure British students would be able to study in the EU and vice versa.

“It’ll allow our kids, our students to go to other European countries to study and of course we are going to continue to have foreign students come to this country.”

The Australian style points based system was also on the agenda in his video, with the PM saying it would be brought in to “allow us to control our immigration”.

Bien sur, chef! Boris shows off his French

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