Boris Johnson defends Rwanda immigration plan as ‘right thing’ after Prince Charles blasted ‘appalling’ scheme


BORIS Johnson today insisted his Rwanda plan was the “right thing” to do despite blistering criticism from Prince Charles.

A row erupted this weekend when it was revealed the heir to the throne had privately branded the policy “appalling”.

Boris Johnson is in Cornwall today and defended the Rwanda plan
Prince Charles was revealed to have blasted the “appalling” plan

While sidestepping a full-blown public bust-up with the next King, the PM staunchly defended the controversial plan.

Asked if Charles was wrong, he told LBC: “What I don’t think we should support is continued activity by criminal gangs.”

He added: “I do think that it’s the job of Government to stop people breaking the law and to support people who are doing the right thing; that’s what we are doing.”

Mr Johnson and the Prince of Wales are set to come face to face in Rwanda for the heads of Commonwealth meeting next week.



PM set for Rwanda showdown with Charles after he called migrant plan ‘appalling’


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The first flight taking illegal migrants to the African nation is due to take off this week but is now in doubt thanks to last-minute legal challenges.

Campaigners are today appealing last week’s High Court verdict ruling the deportations are legal. 

Mr Johnson today took aim at leftie lawyers trying to frustrate the plan and stressed the importance of stopping dangerous Channel crossings.

He said: “We have always said that we knew that this policy would attract attacks from those who want to have a completely open-doors approach to immigration, who want people to be able to come across the Channel without let or hindrance.

“There are very active lawyers in this field. I have the utmost respect for the legal profession but it is also important we stop criminal gangs.”

Asked if the policy will be worth it if it results in just one person being removed, Mr Johnson said: “I think it’s very important that the criminal gangs who are putting people’s lives at risk in the Channel is going to be broken – is being broken – by this Government.

“They are selling people a false hope, they are luring them into something extremely risky and criminal.”

Last night, Downing Street insisted the PM has “great affection and admiration” for the prince.

But it admitted their relationship “has not had the same opportunity to blossom” as the one the PM has with the Queen.

A Cabinet minister attacked Charles for wading into politics, saying: “He is an adornment to public life, but that will cease to be charming if he attempts to behave the same way when he is king.

“That will present serious constitutional issues.”