Boris Johnson faces becoming first PM since Tony Blair to be interviewed by police


BORIS Johnson faces becoming the first PM since Tony Blair to be interviewed by the cops.

The Labour chief sat down three times with Met over the ‘Cash for Honours’ scandal.

Boris Johnson is set to be interviewed by the police
He will become the first PM to do so since Tony Blair

The then PM was quizzed three times between 2006 and 2007 after it emerged wealthy businessmen had lent the Labour party a total of nearly millions in exchange for seats in the House of Lords.

While the individuals were nominated by Mr Blair for peerages, he was only ever spoken to as a witness.

He had threatened to resign if interviewed under caution when cops wanted to treat him as a suspect.

His final session in front of detectives took place just three weeks before he stepped down in 2007.

Despite cops arresting three senior aides, the CPS did not bring any charges.

It’s understood that Boris Johnson could use a similar loophole and treated as a witness as cops probe the numerous Downing Street parties.