Boris Johnson faces PMQs showdown at midday TODAY over holiday chaos as Brits given confusing travel advice


BORIS Johnson faces a stormy PMQs clash at midday over holiday chaos – after Brits were given conflicting travel advice.

The PM will face off with Labour boss, Sir Keir Starmer – just hours after his own ministers sparked more confusion for Brits about whether they could go abroad or not.

Boris Johnson will face off against Sir Keir today
The Labour boss may choose to press him on the chaos over holiday destinations

Holidays are now legal again after the laws around lockdowns were finally lifted on May 17.

But Brits are only being told they are allowed to go to a string of countries on the green list – including Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel.

People are not advised to go to anywhere on the red or amber list – unless there’s an emergency.

But that advice isn’t law, and people won’t be fined if they go, but they will have to isolate when they return home.

Amber list countries mean people can isolate at home, but red list country-trips will force people to pay £1,750 to go to a special quarantine hotel.

Anyone coming into the country – regardless of where they are coming from – will have to take a Covid test first, adding hundreds of pounds to the cost of a break abroad.

Yesterday ministers gave several conflicting bits of advice on holidays, adding further confusion to those thinking of booking a get-away.

Brits are allowed to travel quarantine-free to a handful of countries

Brits have got conflicting advice from ministers over holidays

Environment Sec George Eustice said people could go abroad to visit family and friends.

But Boris Johnson later came out to say people should only be travelling to green list countries.

He told the nation in a telly clip they should only go abroad to amber countries for a list of emergency exceptions – such as caring for a sick loved one or for urgent business reasons.

Even later on health minister Lord Bethell said it was “dangerous” to go abroad anywhere – and urged Brits to stay in the country for the rest of the YEAR.

Ministers have said they will update the travel green list every three weeks – taking us to June 7 – but it’s not yet clear when the changes will be announced or come into effect.

European holiday hotspots Spain, Greece and France are likely to miss out on the next green list update, despite hopes they would be added in time for the summer season.

Their high Covid rates and slow vaccine rollouts have hampered their chances to get on the green list, and are likely to not be added just yet.

Boris said last week it was unlikely more would be added very soon.

This morning Gillian Keegan said people were hopeful that there would be more countries on the green list – but she couldn’t say just yet.

She told LBC: “The next unlocking in terms of the next part of the roadmap is the 21st of June, so we’ll know probably a week or two before there will be some more insight.”