Boris Johnson insists Tories WILL win next election with Rishi Sunak as he sits down with Nadine Dorries in TalkTV chat


BORIS Johnson has insisted the Tories WILL win the next general election, despite dismal polling.

Speaking on TalkTV’s new show Friday Night With Nadine, which airs at 8pm today, the ex-PM admitted Rishi Sunak can lead his party to victory.

Nadine Dorries interviews pal Boris Johnson on her new TalkTV show

The Tories are currently polling at around 26%, a staggering 25 points behind Labour.

With a general election due by January 2025, pressure is piling on the PM to turn fortunes around.

BoJo said: “The Conservative Party can certainly win the next election.”

Boris also confessed he never “knowingly” attended illegal lockdown parties.

And he promised he didn’t try and cover any up either.

“I hope it’s obvious to everybody, that anybody who thinks I was knowingly going to parties that were breaking lockdown rules in Number 10, and then knowingly covering up parties that were illicit that other people were going to, that’s all strictly for the birds.

“And if anybody thinks like that they’re out of their mind.”

The ex-PM is facing a probe by the Commons Privileges Committee into whether he knowingly lied to MPs about partygate.

Hearings are expected to begin within weeks, with witnesses submitting written and oral evidence.

“I’ve got to wait for this thing to conclude,” he said.

“What I would say is that we all thought what we were doing – or certainly, I thought what we were doing – was within the rules.

“And what we certainly thought was that we were working blindingly hard on some massive priorities for the country.”

Away from parties, the ex-PM discussed how Brexit helped to save lives during the pandemic by enabling a speedy vaccine rollout.

“It is literally true that Brexit helped save lives,” Boris said.

“And people’s eyes bulge a bit when you say that, but it happens to be true… I’m proud of that. I’m proud of all the work that those people did.”

Friday Night with Nadine begins February 3rd at 8pm on TalkTV.

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