Boris Johnson is ‘cheerful and on the mend’ after easing himself back into work


The PM has eased himself back into work over the past few days, holding calls with the Queen and Donald Trump.

After a difficult battle with coronavirus, Boris Johnson is said to be ‘cheerful and on the mend’
Health Secretary Matt Hancock hinted that he’s champing at the bit to get back in to No10 and could return to work soon

He has been getting updates from stand-in Dominic Raab and Health Secretary Matt Hancock while recovering at Chequers from his stay in intensive care with Covid-19.

Mr Hancock today hinted that BoJo is champing at the bit to get back in to No10.

He said: “I spoke to him yesterday, he’s cheerful, and he’s ebullient and he’s definitely on the mend in a big way.

“When exactly he comes back is a matter for him and his doctors.”


He added: “By his nature he is an extremely enthusiastic and hard- working guy and he doesn’t like slouching. Of course, this is an unprecedented crisis.

“However, having said that, he has followed his doctors’ advice and it is down to a conversation between the Prime Minister and his doctors as to exactly when he comes back.”

Donald Trump said the PM sounded “incredible” in their call.

He told a White House press briefing: “He was ready to go. I’m very surprised to tell you this.

“He’s like the old Boris — tremendous energy, tremendous drive.”

The PM has been easing himself into work over the past few days by phoning the Queen and Donald Trump