Boris Johnson on course for 68 majority in detailed seat-by-seat forecast that CORRECTLY predicted results in 2017


BORIS Johnson is on course for a storming 68-seat majority, according to a detailed seat-by-seat survey that correctly forecast the election results in 2017.

The YouGov MRP poll for The Times – the only one to predict Theresa May would lose her majority – forecasts Mr Johnson will win 359 seats in a triumphant return to No 10, up 42 on the 2017 result.

Boris Johnson speaking at the launch of the Conservative Party Welsh manifesto in Wrexham

Jeremy Corbyn today unveiled leaked documents about the NHS which just show completely normal trade talks, insiders said

Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour Party is poised for disaster and will win 211 seats, down 51 from two years ago, when the country goes to the polls on December 12, according to the Times opinion poll.

If correct, it would see the Tories win 44 seats from Labour, with Tom Watson and Caroline Flint among the Labour big guns to lose their seats.

The Conservatives would win 43 per cent of the overall vote, the same as the last time the country went to the polls.

The Lib Dems are on course to win just 13 seats, with the SNO securing 43, up eight from 2017, the poll found.

It uses detailed local data from the past seven days, including constituency, voter demographics and past voting behaviour.

Much of the polling was done before Jeremy Corbyn’s car crash BBC interview with Andrew Neil and the attack by the Chief rabbi – so it is not clear what impact they had on voters.


In the 2017 election, a similar YouGov poll predicted the Conservatives would win42 per cent of the vote, with Labour on 38 per cent.

The figure was almost perfect, with Theresa May winning 43.5 per cent of seats, and Jeremy Corbyn 41.

Crucially it also forecast a hung parliament when every other survey predicted a Tory majority.

YouGov said of its methods: YouGovs official MRP model accurately forecast the hung parliament in the 2017 General Election.

Even correctly projecting that seats such as Kensington & Chelsea and Canterbury would be won by the Labour Party.

The major poll comes on the day another survey by a Remainer group predicted the Tories would romp to a majority of 82 on election day.

The MRP poll of 40,000 people was commissioned by the Best for Britain pro-EU campaign group.

It says Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party will limp in with just 199 seats.

Mr Johnson is also bookies’ favourites to surge back to Number 10, with the Tories 4/11 to win an overall majority on polling day.

Labour are 20/1 and the Lib Dems are 250/1.

In another recent survey of voters, Mr Johnson appears on course for an 68-seat majority.

The Tories are tipped to secure 359 seats and Labour just 208, according to the Telegraph poll.

If the polls are correct it would break the parliament deadlock and put Mr Johnson in position to get his Brexit deal passed in the Commons.

Today’s findings come after Mr Corbyn endured a torrid couple of days on the campaign trail.

The Labour leader claimed he’s found “451 pages of evidence” that the NHS is up for sale under Mr Johnson – but the documents are nearly three years old and mention the health service just four times.

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed these documents reveal the NHS is up for sale – even though they barely mention it
Boris Johnson has insisted the NHS story is just a distraction from his poor campaign

He claimed in an email to supporters: “Boris Johnson will work with Donald Trump and corporations to “fly the good flag of services liberalisation”.
“That means NHS privatisation.

“Imagine opening a five-figure bill for your cancer treatment. Imagine paying to give birth. Paying to have a check-up at the GP. That’s what Boris Johnson and Donald Trump want.”

But Mr Johnson has given a “cast iron guarantee” that the NHS won’t be on the table in a future trade deal with the US after Brexit.

The PM said: “I can give you an absolute cast iron guarantee, this is a complete diversion, that the NHS under no circumstances will be on the table, up for sale.

“We are absolutely resolved, there will be no sale of the NHS, no privitisaiton.

“In no way, no aspect whatsoever.”

Last night, Mr Corbyn was mauled by BBC political heavyweight Andrew Neil during last night’s BBC interview.

In the most shambolic day of his leadership Labour boss Jeremy Corbyn was ripped apart by the Beeb’s rottweiler for his woeful record on kicking Jewish haters out of his party.

Jeremy Corbyn was grilled by Andrew Neil last night on the BBC – in what was seen as a car-crash interview
BBC veteran Andrew Neil gave Jeremy Corbyn a thorough interview

After repeatedly refusing to say sorry, Mr Corbyn even claimed Britains Chief Rabbi was wrong to accuse Labour of failing to tackle Jew-hate just hours earlier – and even claimed anti-Semitism didnt rise after I became leader.

After the excruciating prime time grilling, Mr Corbyn was branded “shameful” in a damning one-word tweet by The Board of Deputies of British Jews, which represents Britains Jewish community.

Countdown star Rachel Riley retweeted that post, and the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) also attacked the leader for not tackling anti-Semite supporters.

It tweeted: “Holocaust denial and conspiratorial antisemitism have no place in society, let alone the Labour Party.

“Jeremy Corbyn could start by saying sorry. Act.”

The group’s chairman Mike Katz added: “Sorry really does seem to be the hardest word. Woeful.”

During the interview, veteran broadcaster Mr Neil said viewers would “make up their own minds” on whether Mr Corbyn had done enough to tackle such hatred.

The boost in the polls comes after Mr Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn published their party’s manifestos.

Mr Corbyn’s Marxist manifesto has been branded “radical” by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The PM’s plans will see the Tories spend just 1 for every 28 splurged by the leftie leader.

Mr Johnson wants to spend around 3billion on extra day-to-day spending compared to Mr Corbyn’s 83bn, as revealed in yesterday’s Tory party manifesto.