Boris Johnson promises there is no question of checks on goods travelling to Northern Ireland in his Brexit deal


BORIS Johnson has promised voters there is no question of there being checks on goods travelling into Northern Ireland in his Brexit deal.

The PM said there would absolutely not be customs declaration checks and that Labour were wrong to suggest so.

Johnson has promised voters there is no question of there being checks on goods travelling into Northern Ireland

It comes after Jeremy Corbyn revealed a secret government document on Brexit in which he claimed the plans were revealed.

When asked by Skys Sophie Ridge this morning if there would be checks, Boris said: No, absolutely not.

“The deal weve done with the EU is a brilliant deal unlike the previous arrangements it allows the whole of the UK to come out of the EU including Northern Ireland.

The only checks that there would be, would be if something was coming from GB via Northern Ireland and was going on to the Republic, then there might be checks at the border into Northern Ireland.


Ridge pointed out that Labours government dossier suggested that there would be customs checks on goods both ways.

But the PM said thats wrong because there wont be checks.

When he was asked if this meant he was calling his own government and Brexit Secretary wrong on its assessment he said yes.

Boris added: Because theres no question of there being checks on goods going Northern Ireland/Great Britain or Great Britain/Nortnern Ireland.

Were a UK government, why would we put checks on goods going from NI to GB or GB to NI?
It doesnt make sense.

On Friday Mr Corbyn in an effort to distract from the anti-semitism storm engulfing him told reporters: We’ve caught Boris Johnson red handed misrepresenting his own Brexit deal.”

Mr Johnson later dismissed the claims as nonsense.

Tories claimed Labour’s leaked document was compiled by “junior civil servants” and was never seen by senior ministers, or the PM.

They said it was an “initial assessment” not a final report on the impact of the deal.

A Government source told HOAR: “We are committed to no checks on the border.

“Obviously, one can’t say what the Irish government will do, but the British government will not put up any checks on the Irish land border.”

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