Boris Johnson reveals he cried recording Queen’s obit as he hails her for ‘showing the world how to give, love & serve’


TEARFUL Boris Johnson had to stop recording his PM obit of the Queen as he was too “choked up”, he revealed in the Commons today.

The former PM paid moving tribute to Her Majesty for “showing the world how to give, love and serve” in his first speech from the backbenches since resigning.

Boris Johnson paying tribute to the Queen in the Commons today

Fondly recalling their last meeting at Balmoral on Tuesday, he said “she was as radiant, and as knowledgeable, and as fascinated by politics as ever I can remember.”

Mr Johnson – the Queen’s 14th PM – opened his tribute to Her Majesty with a “confession” that he welled up during his No10 obituary.

He told MPs: “A few months ago, the BBC came to see me to talk about Her Majesty the Queen, and we sat down and the cameras started rolling.

“And they requested that I should talk about her in the past tense.

“And I’m afraid I simply choked up and I could not go on – I’m really not easily moved to tears.

“But I was so overcome with sadness, that I had to ask them to go away.

“I know that today there are countless people in this country and around the world who have experienced the same sudden access for unexpected emotion.