Boris Johnson reveals he slashed his foot on a cafetiere at a BBQ in bizarre NHS story


BORIS Johnson has revealed he was last taken to hospital after he smashed a cafetiere while dancing at a barbecue.

The PM said he last used the NHS when shards of glass sliced into his foot as he was dancing at a summer party.

Boris Johnson has revealed he was last taken to hospital after he smashed a cafetiere while dancing at a barbecue


Mr Johnson told BBC Breakfast: Someone dropped a cafetiere. There was music playing. I jumped on a piece of glass and it went straight into my foot

Boris was also grilled over how relatable he was to average Brits with host Naga Munchetty pointing out he left the teabag in his cup when making a brew in a Tory election video.

The move caused quite a stir online with many criticising the PMs technique.

He said: Why does everybody object to that, why does everybody object to leaving the teabag is its delicious.

Its better to stew.

The PM was repeatedly asked by Ms Munchetty how voters could relate to him and about his girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

But Mr Johnson could only say that he had been “very lucky” with his upbringing and that how he related to people was the most difficult psychological question anyone has ever asked me.

Away from hot drinks and his private life, the PM said it broke his heart that the last Brexit deadline was extended.

But he added that if the Tories win a workable majority which they need nine seats to do then he could absolutely guarantee the next deadline would be met.

Mr Johnson also added that the government will have bags of time? to a new trade deal with the EU by the end of 2020.


The Tory boss’ bizarre admission comes after he announced plans tosplurge 700million on reopening rail lines and breathing life into towns that have been overlooked and left behind.

The PM wants to pump cash into Brexit-backing areas in the North and slash business rates on their shops, pubs and cinemas.

Mr Johnson will re-open train lines that were axed in the Beeching closure of the 1960s in an effort to re-connect towns with the rest of the country.

The Tories see this as a way to attract Leave voters before the December 12 election Brits that otherwise could back the Brexit Party.
Under the plans, the average corner shop will get a 1,400 cut in their business rates from the extension in the retail discount.

The Tories said up to half a million businesses will benefit, with the discount extended to all cinemas and music venues.

The party has pledged to save pubs and post offices, promising to back community groups who want to buy their local pubs and post offices with a 150 million fund and a nine month ban on sale to other bidders.

Mr Johnson will spend 500million on a fund to restore lines and stations removed by the 1960s Beeching Report.

There are also plans to invest in cycling and walking with the aim of making it easier for people to cycle and walk around their local areas.

Mr Johnson said: “We need to get Brexit done so that we can unleash the potential of all our towns, cities and villages.

“We will be able to save our high streets, keep pubs and post offices open and re-connect places to the rail network half a century after they were cut off.”

The PM was grilled on BBC Breakfast