Boris Johnson says Keir Starmer is ‘worse than Corbyn’ as they lock horns in furious PMQs bust-up over strikes


BORIS Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer locked horns in a furious bust-up over strikes this afternoon.

The PM accused the Labour leader of trying to wind the clock back to 1970s era strife and chaos.

Boris Johnson said Keir Starmer was “worse than Jeremy Corbyn”
Sir Keir shot back that the Government hasn’t lifted a finger to stop the strikes

He said the Opposition chief was “worse than Jeremy Corbyn” and that the party was “holding hands” with notorious union agitator Arthur Scargill.

But Sir Keir raged that the Government “hasn’t lifted a finger” to stop the walkouts paralysing the railways this week.

He lashed out after criticism for failing to condemn the strikes or his MPs who disobeyed a direct order to stay off picket lines.

At least four Labour frontbenchers defied Sir Keir by going out to campaign with strikers on the first day of misery yesterday.



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Even his deputy Angela Rayner appeared to undermine him by coming out in favour of the walkouts.

Trying to get back on the front foot at a fiery PMQs, Sir Keir railed against the PM and Grant Shapps for not engaging in deadlocked talks with Network Rail and the RMT.

He said: “The Prime Minister of this country or his Transport Secretary haven’t attended a single meeting, held a conversation or lifted a finger to stop these strikes.

“So rather than blame everyone else, why doesn’t he do his job? Get around the table and get the trains running.”

Seizing on Labour’s civil war, the PM shot back: “They’re on the picket line, literally holding hands with Arthur Scargill.

“It’s worse than under Jeremy Corbyn. This is a government that is taking this country forward. They would take it back to the 1970s.”

The PM said Sir Keir was refusing to condemn his union paymasters who donate millions to Labour.

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