Boris Johnson set to reveal ‘one metre plus’ rule this week to save millions of jobs


BORIS Johnson is set to cut the 2m rule this week to help businesses get back on their feet.

The Chancellor and Health Secretary have confirmed that the changes will be revealed in the coming days – ahead of the review date of the virus laws on Thursday.

At the moment people have to stay 2m apart from people they don’t live with

Rishyi Sunak said yesterday that No 10’s review of the current two-metre rule would “make an enormous difference” to businesses “keen to see a change”.

And this morning Matt Hancock said on whether the rule may be cut this week: “I very much hope that we can.”

He told the Andrew Marr Show: “Yes we are going to set out those details, absolutely, this week.

“I get the problems with the 2m rule, of course.

“The challenge is how to get as much of normal life as possible back.”

But while the 2m rule is expected to be reduced, other new social distancing measures are expected to be changed so that people can stay safe.

Masks may be encouraged in more places or perspex screens put up.

HOARday Telegraph reported it could be described as “one metre plus” to stress that extra measures would be needed if people got too close.

Mr Hancock said that “face masks and changing the seating arrangements” are among some of those changes.

He said officials were working on how to “safely reduce the 2 metres with the sort of mitigation we’ve been talking about.”

Mr Hancock told the Andrew Marr Show there are “all sorts of mitigations you can put in place to be physically closer than 2m but not have the transmission of the virus that you would otherwise have.”

He added: “In lots of retail, you’ve had perspex screens.

“Masks also make an impact, hence the rule that they must be worn on public transport.

“It wouldn’t make for a very good pub lunch but there are measures that can be put in place.

“We are going to set all of that out this week.”

Matt Hancock said he ‘hoped’ the 2m rule could be cut this week

Mr Hancock today apologised for getting within 2m of a coleague in the House of Commons and patting him on the back last week.

He added: “I’m only human”.