Boris Johnson still sick with coronavirus & staying in isolation but warns Brits NOT to go out in sunshine this weekend


The PM has been isolating for at least a week after being diagnosed with the virus, yet he still has a temperature.

Boris is still unwell with the coronavirus, he revealed this lunchtime

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In a fresh video message to the nation from his No11 flat, the PM said he was feeling better but not yet well enough to go back out.

It came just an hour before the death toll rose to 3,600 – with more than 38,000 coronavirus cases across the country.

The Prime Minister said: “In my own case, although I’m feeling better and I’ve done my seven days of isolation, alas I still have one of the symptoms, a minor symptom, I still have a temperature.

“And so in accordance with Government advice I must continue my self-isolation until that symptom itself goes.

“But we’re working clearly the whole time on our programme to defeat the virus.

“You’ll have seen the big announcement yesterday about 100,000 tests per day by the end of the month.”

The news the PM is not yet over the illness puts him at odds with most of the population.

About 85 per cent of people diagnosed with coronavirus will see their symptoms start to diminish by day seven and coming out of isolation is a possibility.

From the remaining 15 per cent who don’t see their symptoms diminish and are showing signs of dyspnea – they tend to be admitted to hospital on day seven.

Patients with severe cases tend to develop signs of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) at around this point.

The PM’s video did not appear to show him struggling with his breath, however.

Yesterday Health Secretary Matt Hancock went back to work publicly after a week battling the virus too.

He was snapped earlier today blowing his nose and sniffling into a tissue, in signs he may not yet be completely well.

When asked earlier on Friday if Johnson would be out of isolation on Friday, Mr Hancock, said: “I’ve absolutely no idea but what I do know is he’s still working.”

Boris also told the nation that despite the tempting warm weather that is predicted, they should resist the temptation to go outside to enjoy it.

Britain is set for a mini April heatwave with temperatures up to 20 degrees.

But Boris said: “I just want to say one crucial thing, to everybody thinking about this weekend and what may be some fine weather.

“I reckon a lot of people will be starting to think that this is all going on for quite a long time and they’d rather be getting out.

“Everyone may be getting a bit stir crazy.

“There may be a temptation to get out there and hang out and start to break the regulations.

“I just urge you, not to do that.

“Please, please, stick with the guidance now.”

“This country has made a huge effort and a huge sacrifice. Let’s stick with it now.”

Boris appeared unwell last night when he was at his window clapping for hero NHS workers too
Scientists have produced a day-by-day breakdown of the typical Covid-19 symptoms

No10 said this lunchtime the PM was following the specifics of the NHS guidance to stay inside.

In the UK, the guidance from Public Health England is to self-isolate for a week if you experience any of the coronavirus symptoms – and longer if they continue.

The PM’s spokesperson said: “He does continue to have mild symptoms, in particular a temperature. The guidance is clear that if you still have a high temperature you should keep self-isolating until it returns to normal.

“The guidance is really, really explicit. It sets out that you should stay at home for seven days, but that you should stay at home for longer if a high temperature persists. The PM is following that advice to the letter.”

However, World Health Organisation has warned that people could still be contagious for up to two weeks – and should isolate for 14 days from when they first get symptoms.

Dr Tedros told a press conference in Geneva last month: “People infected with Covid-19 can still infect others after they stop feeling sick, so these measures should continue for at least two weeks after symptoms disappear.

“Visitors should not be allowed until the end of this period.”

Matt hancock was seen blowing his nose this morning, still appearing to be a little under the weather

Doctor MP Rosena Allin Khan has been urging the Government to change our advice to make it 14 days in line with their advice.

Ministers have insisted our guidance is based on medical evidence from our own Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser.

The most common signs of coronavirus in confirmed cases of Covid-19 from China up to February 22, 2020