Boris Johnson surges with Sun readers as more than half say they will vote Tory in the election


SUPPORT for Boris Johnson is surging among Sun readers with more than half of them now saying they will vote Tory in the general election.

As the six week-long campaign reaches its halfway point, an opinion poll has revealed a massive 52% of readers of the nations most popular paper are backing the Conservatives.

Boris Johnson is surging among Sun readers with more than half of them now saying they will vote Tory in the general election


The figure is up six points from 46% when the nationwide vote was called three weeks ago.

Mr Johnson is benefitting from a collapse in support for Nigel Farages Brexit Party, whose popularity has almost halved from 13% to 7% among Sun readers over the same period.

Jeremy Corbyns Labour Party is also still languishing on just 7%, where it was at the start of the campaign, and the Lib Dems on 3%, the Greens 1%.

But with three weeks to go, one in eight of all Sun readers 12% – are still undecided on how they will vote on December 12, meaning there are still hundreds of thousadns of votes still up for grabs.

The poll of 600 randomly selected readers from print and digital was carried out by News UKs Insights team.

Readers of HOAR switch their support between political parties more vigorously than and other newspaper buyers.

No party has won the keys to Downing Street without the support of the majority of them in almost 50 years.


Boris also given a good omen ahead of the December 12 poll yesterday when he made council gains off both Labour and the Lib Dems yesterday.

In local by-elections, the Conservatives took a council seat in Cardiff off Jeremy Corbyns party a significant result, as Wales is a key battleground area for the December 12 poll.

The Tories also took a councillor off the Lib Dems in the Sussex town of Chichester.

And In Scotland, Mr Johnsons party also made a gain in the Scottish council of Moray that had previously been held by an independent.

The SNP also trounced Labour to hold on to a council ward in Aberdeen, where Labours vote share was more than halved, plummeting down to just 10%.

The depressing result is a danger sign for its hard left boss who must make gains in Scotland to have any hope of a majority.

Pollster and ex-Tory MP Lord Hayward said: The results are good for the Conservatives, and indicative that they are competitive in both Wales and Scotland.

But the numbers arent quite strong enough to guarantee either defending seats or gaining them in these particular constituencies.

Several of the by-elections last night were based on seats last fought in 2017 when the Tories had very good local results.

An Ipsos Mori poll also yesterday found that Boris Johnson is still seen as the leader who would make the most capable Prime Minister.

Half (49%) opted for Mr Johnson, compared with three in ten (30%) who preferred Jeremy Corbyn.

More Britons also say they like Boris Johnson than they do Jeremy Corbyn (44% vs 23% respectively), however more say they like the Labour Party than the Conservatives (49% vs 42% respectively).

This graph illustrates how many Sun readers are backing Boris