Boris Johnson thanks the nation’s kids for their adorable ‘get well soon’ cards and paintings


BORIS Johnson today thanked the nation’s kids for sending him hundreds of adorable get well soon cards and paintings when he was sick with coronavirus.

The PM showed off some of his favourite designs, including cards saying: “We need you Boris!” and “you can beat this nasty virus”.

Boris posed for snaps alongside his many cards from well-wishers
The PM shared some of his favourite cards with the public
Another snap of one of the PM’s cards, from Sophie Blyth

Boris posted a message earlier saying: “Thank you for all the wonderful messages you sent me when I was unwell, and for all you are doing to keep yourselves and others safe.”

He was snapped smiling reading some of the cute messages sent to him from well-wishers.

One sweet card featured bright yellow feathers stuck on to represent the PM’s blonde locks.

No10 sources said he had been inundated with “hundreds” of cards.

Boris went back to work this week after a long struggle with coronavirus, which saw him in intensive care for several days.

The PM spent a week in total in hospital, recovering from the virus.

He has repeatedly thanked the NHS staff, saying they saved his life.

He went on to spend two weeks recovering at Chequers, before coming back to No10 last weekend.

Boris appeared slightly breathless at yesterday’s No10 briefing, showing he is still getting over it.

One child’s depiction of the PM sporting his black suit
Another card featured the No10 door and Larry the cat – with a ‘we need you boris’ greeting
Beth and Annie from Essex drew Boris in a blue suit and red tie – not forgetting his blonde hair
One keen art fan used yellow feathers to make up the PM’s mop of hair

This week Boris’ partner Carrie Symonds gave birth to a baby boy.

The pair welcomed their son at a London hospital on Tuesday.

The PM is back in No10 but it’s not yet known if Carrie has returned home.

The couple, who are due to be married, will raise their son in Downing Street together.

Flowers, champagne and even a Fortnum and Masons hamper were snapped being delivered to No10 this week from supporters.

Another snap of one of the PM’s cards

A Fortnum hamper being wheeled into Downing Street