Boris Johnson to replace Hands Face Space with new slogan despite pingdemic chaos


BORIS Johnson is expected to ditch the Hands Face Space slogan this summer – and swap it with a plea to Keep Life Moving.

But the fresh PR blitz emerged as hundreds of thousands hole up in isolation amid pingdemic chaos.

Boris Johnson is set to ditch the Hands Face Space slogan

Let’s Keep Life Moving will be the central message of the advertising campaign to launch this week, according to The Times.

The shift in tone reflects the PM’s recent decision to scrap social distancing and compulsory mask-wearing indoors.

Instead billboards and posters will urge people to keep taking precautions even though the legal restrictions have been ripped up.

The PM warned the pandemic “is far from over” in his cautious Freedom Day press conference.

The Hands Face Space slogan first introduced last September did not appear on the Downing St lecterns during Monday night’s briefing.

The PM’s official spokesman said yesterday: “You can expect to see further government advertising and marketing about this next step.”

He said the Government will impress on people the importance of ventilating indoor spaces with fresh air, amid fears people pay more attention to washing their hands and wiping down surfaces.

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The renewed slogan comes as ministers grapple with criticism of mixes messaging over isolation rules.

Businesses have been brought to their knees by staffing crises as the Delta variant rips and sends app alerts into overdrive.

And a million children were out of school last week, mostly after coming into contact with an infected classmate.

Yesterday minister Paul Scully said the decision to quarantine when pinged was “up to individuals and employers”.

He was swiftly slapped down by No10 which insisted it was “crucial” people continue following the app’s advice.

The Hands Face Space was slogan first introduced last September