Boris Johnson vows ‘nothing is off the table’ as he urges Europe to kneecap Putin’s economy to stop ‘hell on Earth’


BORIS Johnson insists “nothing is off the table” to arm Ukraine’s “fierce resistance” against Vladimir Putin’s wicked tyranny. 

The PM today vowed to send more weapons to support President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s troops fighting a brutal Russian onslaught.

Boris Johnson meeting the Joint Expeditionary Force today
Servicemen of the Ukrainian National Guard take positions in central Kyiv. Credit: Reuters

Downing Street said British anti-tank missiles and protective gear would be dispatched to Ukraine’s brave soldiers.

But hinting of more mightier firepower a spokesman said: “Nothing is off the table. We remain firmly behind Ukraine and will continue to support them.”

While Britain has ruled out deploying boots on Ukrainian soil, Defence Minister James Heappey said a Nato battle group would be sent to Estonia.

Putin has unleashed fury on Ukraine, blitzing a path of bombs and airstrikes from the border to the outskirts of the capital Kyiv. 

In a sombre Commons session this morning Mr Heappey said some of the extreme violence was like “hell on Earth”.

Yet Western intelligence suggests Putin failed to execute any of his objectives on the first day of his bloody invasion.

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Russia suffered more than 450 casualties and the country’s elite Spetsnaz unit failed to capture a crucial airport. 

Mr Heappey told MPs: “President Putin may well have bitten off more than he can chew”.

He added: “He said: “Suffice to say, we are pretty certain that in the Kremlin last night there will have been some pretty urgent reflections on the speed of the advance compared to what they anticipated.”

After slapping Moscow with a blizzard of sanctions yesterday, Britain wants to kneecap Russia’s economy further by cutting its ability to make rapid cash payments.

The PM wants to eject Russia from the Belgium-based Swift transfer system but needs the backing of reluctant European allies.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said today: “Britain wants the Swift system to be turned off for Russia. But unfortunately the Swift system is not in our control – it’s not a unilateral decision.”

Mr Johnson will use this afternoon’s meeting of Nato leaders to launch another push for countries to kick Russia out of the system.