Boris Johnson warns he may have to tighten lockdown AGAIN as he reveals 2.4million Covid jabs given out


BORIS Johnson today warned he might have to tighten the lockdown rules yet AGAIN – as he revealed today that 2.4million Covid jabs have been given out so far.

The PM gave a stark warning that further action may be needed – just a week after England’s new national lockdown began.

Hundreds of thousands more people have got the Covid vaccine, the PM has said today

The PM said as he visited a vaccination centre in the South West today: “We are going to keep the rules under constant review. Where we have to tighten them, we will.

“But we have rules in place which, if properly followed, we believe can make a huge, huge difference.”

He urged everyone to stay at home as much as possible to protect the NHs and save lives – and he urged everyone to consider their actions as it was such a “perilous time” for the nation.

Although he stopped short of telling Brits they shouldn’t enjoy a take-away coffee in a park, he added: “It’s now that people need to focus – whether they are out shopping, whether they are buying coffee in the park or wherever it happens to be, they need to think about spreading the disease.

“Because as Chris said, one contact that you have can be a chain of transmission for this disease.

“Now is the moment of maximum vigilance, maximum observation and observance of the rules, and of course if we think things are not being properly observed then we may have to do more.”

The news comes after two women were fined £200 by Derbyshire police for having a walk with a cup of tea last weekend – accusing them of having a picnic.

After repeatedly refusing to clarify the issue, Downing Street finally admitted this lunchtime it was within the rules.

The PM’s spokesperson said: “Takeaways are permitted, cafes and restaurants are permitted to allow takeaways. People are permitted to exercise once a day… It shouldn’t be used for socialising.”

Brits have been told only to leave their home to exercise, get food or a small list of other reasons as part of the national lockdown to save lives and cut the number of Covid cases down.

But parks have been rammed over the weekend as Brits flock to beauty spots to take their exercise.

There is no rule or law which states how far people are allowed to travel, but the advice is to stay local if people can.

It came as:

  • Boris Johnson also said today that 2 million have had at least one jab, and 400,000 got their top-up second vaccine
  • The Health secretary will give a press conference tonight
  • Wales said people should wear masks in all public places – including outside

Around one million people have got the jab in the last week alone – and hundreds of thousands more are set to get it every day.

Matt Hancock said on Sunday the figure stood at around 2million.

It comes as seven super vaccination centres opened across Britain today – to fulfil the PM’s aim of doing 200,000 a day by Friday.

Boris has promised that 13million vulnerable Brits will be offered their first jabs by the middle of February.

More mass-scale vaccination centres will open in the coming days and weeks.

The PM visited one in Bristol to see how the rollout was working.

600,000 Brits who live less than a 45 minute drive away will be written to, asking them to book a slot.

The locations are:

  • Robertson House in Stevenage
  • ExCel Centre in London
  • Centre for Life in Newcastle
  • Etihad Tennis Centre in Manchester
  • Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey
  • Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol
  • Millennium Point in Birmingham

The PM has promised to inoculate 13.5 million people in just five weeks, and ministers are gearing up for a marathon task.

A fuller plan will be published at tonight’s press conference, which will be led by Matt Hancock.

He will also give an update on how and when everyone can expect to get vaccinated.

The PM visiting a vaccine centre in Bristol today