Boris Johnson warns theres no better outcome than his antastic Brexit deal ahead of Super Saturday Commons showdown


BORIS Johnson has warned MPs they won’t get a better Brexit deal than his “fantastic” one – ahead of his Super Saturday Commons showdown tomorrow.

Ahead of a knife-edge battle tomorrow the PM told anyone thinking of voting it down that this was the best one available.

Boris has said his deal is the best MPs are going to get

“There’s no better outcome than the one I’m advocating tomorrow,” he told the BBC and ITV tonight.

He urged MPs to come together and finally let the world experience a huge “sigh of relief” and so everyone could “move on”.

“I just kind of invite everybody to imagine what it could be like tomorrow evening, if we have settled this, and we have respected the will of the people, because we will then have a chance to to move on.”

The past three years had been a “long, exhausting and quite divisive business Brexit,” he said.

“I hope that people will think well, you know, what do our constituents really want?

“Do they want to keep going with this argument, do they want more division and delay?”

And again he repeated his promise to leave the EU on October 31.

In interview with ITV and the BBC he said the wold would heave a sigh of relief if they voted for it tomorrow