Boris Johnson will hit the road to drive forward his levelling up campaign


BORIS Johnson will hit the road this week to drive forward his levelling up campaign.

The PM will visit parts of the UK which have been earmarked for investment under his plan to spread wealth and opportunity.

Boris Johnson will hit the road this week to drive forward his levelling up campaign

Mr Johnson — who is trying to get his scandal-hit premiership back on track — will begin his levelling up tour with a visit to a manufacturing site in Scotland.

He will later travel to the North West to see how new technology is being used to tackle the backlog for cancer treatment.

Mr Johnson is pledging a “laser focus” on levelling up, clearing pandemic backlogs and improving living standards.

Tomorrow, he will visit a plant where 800 highly-skilled workers are using advanced technology to revolutionise production systems.

He will also see research and development projects funded by the UK and Scottish governments.

The Prime Minister said: “I’m getting out of London and taking a simple message with me.

“This Government is getting on with uniting and levelling up the country.

“Access to good healthcare, a good education, skilled work, reliable transport — none of this should depend on where you live.

“We’re changing the rules of the game to put fairness back at the heart of the system and focusing on the priorities that really matter to people.

“This is our mission.”

Funding more high-tech jobs will be at the forefront of the Government’s campaign.

Mr Johnson has pledged to increase public investment in research and development — outside London and the South East — by at least 40 per cent.

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